Good Morning Valhalla 4.25.22

One month of GMV daily posts :pepecelebrate:

The world is ended panic is in the streets, close the mall, put the babies in bunkers, buy strangle cum debit triangle spreads.

In truth, ERs have not been optimism inspiring and because of this we are seeing the fear of downturn being in control. Inflation is bad okay, rates are bad it’s fine, and then ERs are bad that’s not a sustainable thing and we are watching a dump now because of it.

AMZN: Earnings is the 28th and I see this dumping. The subscriber based business may be in for a decline in membership if people are pinching pennies due to inflation. AMZN prime is a high cost for paycheck to paycheck Americans and they will dump it if they have to. Of course we have to remember much of the subscriber loss we’ve seen from others (Netflix) comes from Russia so it’s permanent but not contagious.

XHB: This is a homebuilders ETF and over the weekend I decided the housing market is likely in the process of crashing. There are hundreds of thousands of homes being developed right now but prices are starting to slow and drop as rates rocket upwards. With these rate rises less buyers are out there and as expected demand falls apart, that’s a bad change for builders.

SPY: Down in pre again as the hopium is out of reach. ERs will lead the way this week and the way is probably down :sadpepesip:

Don’t expect it to be anything but volatile. It is finding itself right now and it can fall and rise in minutes.

Godspeed :pepepray: