Good Morning Valhalla 4.4.22

Welcum back,

Mass Graves were found in cities the Ukrainians have taken back from Russians. This will just prolong the war but the war isn’t in complete control of the market right now and likely won’t be again in the future.

No major economic events today but we have FOMC minutes Wednesday so prepare as we go into that.

Elon seems to be starting a hostile takeover of Twitter, will get to that next.

Daily Watchlist:
TWTR, Elon has bought a 9% stake in the company (73.4 million shares). It is a 2.9 billion dollar buy which is alot even for Elon. He seems to change his mind alot but I would bet he is going to buy more, however he easily could just be pump and dumping this wouldn’t be surprised. Is this a hostile takeover we don’t know yet but if it is TWTR will go retard mode in good and bad ways. Just don’t buy at open.

Russia stocks: I assume these will be unhalted soon, likely this week. We will see huge initial moves, IV may make it a bad move but puts at any price honestly could be considered. Maybe wait for a bounce then buy in but we could just never get a bounce. We’ll see what happens, probably just stay halted for the next 3,000 years.

SPY: Up a little in pre. A lack of economic catalysts today should give spy space to track up, there isn’t a real reason for sell offs right now, unless the hedgies are scared of Wednesday that’s the way I can see more red happening. FOMC probably isn’t great news, entering mid term puts to hold up to and through it might be a good move or just holding up to it as a way of playing the price in of low expectations.

Good gas today truss 340