Good Morning Valhalla 4.5.22

Welcum, won’t be a long one today

Not a busy news day just a repeat of old news. Elon buying twtr, yield inverts, FOMC minutes tomorrow. The main driver today should be inflation concerns and recession fears but those both seem small right now.

Daily Watchlist:

TWTR: Elon power is still around so keep an eye on this and Tesla. Maybe starts to come down today as crazed sentiment slows, but he has managed to pump Tesla for years so we will see. Also watch out for Elon tweets they are probably on steroids now.

Flat reddish in pre market, probably gonna be a red day in my opinion. We are heading back into concern mood atleast until FOMC and JPow say not to do so. Don’t get degenerate gambling positions, take profit on anything you’ve got a comfortable amount up on.