Good Morning Valhalla 4.6.22

Big change from yesterday we got lots of news. SPY hit the guh button as we started to suspect it would. It’s minutes day so we will see what direction the market wants in the near term. Braintard or however you spell it was hawkish on rate rises yesterday and so was another FED region president. JPow is the god emperor but the words of those below him still can be moving, especially from Braintard.

The market doesn’t like inflation but it doesn’t like interest rates either, but also it needs interest rates to fight that inflation so inflation rates bullish but also not because they slow the economy.

These are confusing times, and rising rates are the fever to our inflation virus it sucks but it’s necessary and I think the market knows that and while it will go kicking and screaming it will accept the rate rises and already has accepted the ones already announced.

Be ready for the FOMC minutes and play the reaction being priced in.

Whatever ends up being shorted by spruce group. They don’t seem that huge idk why we even cared so much, you guys wanting 25 dollars so badly may be indicative of ur FD accounts :pepedetective:
Join spruce if you want I think it’s LDOS and conc agreed so I’ll just call it an absolute win already.

It’s back but now it’s for guh reasons. Market is dropping so AMC is going to as well and already did yesterday by 9%. If spy starts bleeding more then AMC will be caught higher than it should be yet again and will cum down with the rest of the world. Puts on this would be tied to the direction of spy and FOMC so don’t be dumb and be bullish on spy and bearish on AMC atleast in the scope of today.

JPow giveth and JPow taketh. The run back up to a comfy level is done and as I said in the news it’s inflation and interest rate time again. I think JPow is sticking to his plan like Dutch but with the world economy having tuberculosis and not gay cowboys. Spy already is hitting support levels in pre so might be too late to get more puts but the minutes drops will magnify the decline if it’s bad. The question is what even would bad look like, I guess more rate rises than expected but if that means stopping inflation it will be what it will be.

We are paying the toll for our golden days of 0% interest, godspeed my gamers