Good Morning Valhalla 4.7.22


Tomorrow had the guh we were expecting and now we are heading into post FED scare and pre CPI stage. CPI should be far enough away to not be driving the market right now. Up a little in pre market as things recover and decide the state of the market. Fed doesn’t seem happy enough with the inflation fight. Gotta be careful heading into next week.

Nothing big today to watch specifically. Just some server plays like HMHC, SYK, and other.

Lost some support regions yesterday that it’s attempting to regain in pre market. Spy daily tapped the mid band and bounced quick off it so that’s a good sign of strong region support. I think we see a downtrend near term but for today and maybe tomorrow we can get calm waters before CPI concern sets in. Don’t expect alot sharp moves today, keep eyes all around.

Gut luck :pepepray: