Good Morning Valhalla

Last week should have been easy money for the server with spy but it was missed out on and we were late to catch the move. I wasn’t very active and wasn’t paying attention so I wasn’t there to help or point anything out. So because of this.

This week I am going to begin a daily scheduled post in the morning at 9am est before every market open. It will be a brief update not just on facts and numbers but on opinions and market moves I see coming. Like a daily opinion piece on the status of the market at large.

I will give coverage on news events, economic catalysts, and market sentiment. This won’t be a “JPow event at 11am, Saudi oil conference at 2pm, Cpi tomorrow at 9:30am, good luck” type post. I will likely sometimes miss events and give controversial takes but I’m going to focus on helping everyone touch base with things before the market opens so we have less “Wtf why spy up so much :pepebigeyes: :pepebigeyes:” and more “my spy calls will be up biggly :pepeevil-1:”

Disclaimer: I am a Perma bull, I am default going to expect spy to be green (because it’s an American bull etf so it is green more than red) this doesn’t mean I won’t callout guhs or dips or will ignore bear cases and events. It means I will need to be fairly convinced to be in bear mode.

Also I’ll avoid long term outlandish predictions (like calling spy to 380 by end of month).

Post all the comments you want below the morning updates.

I will make a post this morning at the scheduled time but it will be a little messy as a get formatting ready.

So Monday - Friday 7am est my posts will be here in my blog category.

Godspeed… :pepepray:


My fellow American
Run this shit

The American faithful :pepepray:

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