Good starting jobs

Figured it would be good to start a thread on this while we are talking about it, working minimum wage is way too restrictive when so much more is available.

One company I’d like to throw out is the one I’m currently at MSC. They are an industrial supply company not many have heard of but are national. We have major Customer Fulfillment Centers in Atlanta GA, Reno NV, Harrisburg PA, Columbus OH, and Elkhart IN all with tons of positions that start out at least at $15 (that was pre pandemic so I wouldn’t be surprised if higher). There’s also jobs remote and on the road all over the nation as we supply customers directly. I’m currently working as a Vendor Managed Inventory Specialist which I feel anyone could do, just saw a girl get hired for the same from being a server. $18.50 an hour is what I started out at in this role (moved and lost tenure from previously working in a CFC).