GOOGL Earnings Report Discussion (April 26 2022)

GOOGL is expecting to announce their earnings for Q1 2022 on April 26, 2022.

Last time during the Q4 2021 ER, GOOGL didn’t really have that great of an ER, however, it still shot up from the $2500 support level to as high as $2960. I expect this to happen again. The $2500 support level is very strong as it has been tested around 5 times already with each time leading to a nice reverse.

However, many people believe that GOOGL will report negatively after 4 consecutive positive ER already.

I’m just creating this post to create some discussion about Google and what other people think will happen to their earnings.

From Unusual Whales

From Unusual Whales

From Unusual Whales

I recall that GOOGL smashed their last earnings, but another reason why the stock shot up during last earnings was because they announced a 20-to-1 stock split.
As for how they’ll do this quarter, I’m not sure why people would think they’re gonna do negatively. The only area I would think they’ll do poorly in is advertising, but GOOGL has so much more than that. Other issues that could affect them are supply chain shortages and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but I’m not sure what in the supply chain could limit them given that they’re more of a software company, and I’m not sure how much exposure they have in Russia.

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GOOGL at 3.5k PT seems pretty bullish. But im not sure if that would be any time soon right now. Also don’t know if that is before stock split or after. Just worth sharing right now.

If that happens l’m going to be super pissed. @Kevin can confirm.


I think you’re underestimating googles significant stranglehold on their market and their consistent ability to grow. Google has an order of magnitude more data than any other private company in the entire world. I feel that any argument for a noteworthy decline in google is soft, at best. Google’s main risk to stock price is the tech market driven fluctuations.

This thread is a pretty good summary of their 1Q22 results. I think this is a pretty decent entry point and will probably look to add to my LT portfolio after the dust settles