Google / amazon splits - how to play

Talk on TF this morning about playing AMZN and GOOG splits this summer, putting this here to get some conversation started as I’m interested in playing both and believe others are as well. Would like to discuss strategies etc. as I haven’t played a split before and looking to boomer these both as long term holds after.


Replying so i can keep up with it id like to leatn more on this

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May these splits bear us fruit for generations to come

I’m looking at $XLY for a possible scalp today. It’s an ETF with 23% exposure to Amazon.

On the Bomber side - long term hold I would wheel them

I made money leading into AMZN’s last earnings by playing XLY puts for cheaper exposure.

My plan is to average into 5 shares of Amazon in my boomer account, which will result in a total of 100 shares of Amazon post split.

I would like to do the same with Google, however to do so I may have to sell a few positions to cover initial cost.

My thoughts are, I can treat those 100 shares like they don’t exist and hold.

Or, one goal of mine this is to learn and get proficient at selling covered options…if I get good at that, or at least comfortable with it, I may dabble in that.


Was gonna ask this in VC/on TF, but it’s better to preserve here: for the AMZN split, so I can buy one share on 5-26 ahead of the meeting, that the becomes 20 shares at new price on 6-6 upon approval? No ‘minimum time held’ requirements or anything? Everything I’m reading seems to say you can just buy a share end of May and benefit from the split. Seems like it would be super worth holding a share for two weeks for this split, almost too worth it to be true haha. Hence the question, any devils in details I’m missing?

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Nope, it’s just as you described.


Thank you, wow, that’s actually incredible then…definitely going to try and plan for this, it will be a fantastic opportunity for investing (vs trading), which I really do need to begin allocating space in my portfolio for. Gonna keep on playing things on the safer side til then, this is just even more motivation to keep everything going slow, steady, and consistent :+1:

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