Grass-Touching Club. Gardening/Landscaping/Arboriculture Thread

Creating this because touching grass is by and far the best pasttime.
Add your plants vegetable flowers bushes trees etc. Pictures, plans, projects all welcome.
Newcomers and questions are welcome.

My current focus is on shaping up some of my trees and larger shrubs and well as some indeterminate bushes that I’d like to grow into trees. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow if its dry, otherwise wont be doing any more cutting until Thursday at the earliest.
Besides that I have been in a forever war with vines, old trash roots and weeds.


My little propagation rack at my office. Still too cold to get anything outside yet and I needed to grow stuff.


Azaleas are blooming :heart_eyes:


Got a new project today. I had these three plants that werent taking to the soil so I’ve put them back into pots to recover.

Once I finish tilling this patch im goung to move some of these calla lillies there.

I had started these last spring from a bulb i found next to my compost bin. It has also grown quite a bit since then. I imagine I will take a mix from each location to transplant.

Stay turned for the results.

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Annnd done.
It may look thin but I expect these to take oer this entire space.

Bonus picture of closeup of the singular one that is in bloom.

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I check on my okra babies today. Lo and behold I counted no less than 44 plants popping up. I expect that if they all make it to maturity I’ll be collecting upwards of 200 pods a week in june-september :upside_down_face:

Only the plant in focus here is okra the rest of that shit is just pollenator food


Okay plant heads listen up.
Its a rough day in the market or some shit. Look at this tomato though.

I got a whole lot more than that too. Heres the rest of that bit of garden. Got bell peppers and some kind of hot peppers as well as random discount rack flowers and shit.

I also did some maintaining on this which was just a massively overgrown azalea bush. It was traveling into my front yard. Not good to have big ass plants right next to the house either. Already starting to see some growth. Looking forward to this blooming.

Here’s the Calla Lillies. Not doing as well as I would like but shit happens when you party naked and I am most definitely in my birthday suit when playing in the dirt.

A few more of them bloomed this week. No more lonely flower. Nevermind the holes in the petals. Thats just the pollenators collecting their tax. Its how the system is meant to work.

Oh did I mention I got these sick ass roses too? I wish I had rollers or something on these pots though. They are fairly heavy and its a risk to catch a snag when I move them about.

Speaking of roses, I got a nice new surprise for you all. I had some rose clippings from trimming a bigass indeterminant rose bush next to my well, which i had planted hoping they would take root. That was at the beginning of April. Finally see some green. Mothers Day is coming too fast though so I need to think of another excuse to give this to my moms. It might end up being a “Day that ends in y” present.

I think thats all progress updates covered with some extra fun sprinkled in. Next project is to move some of this what I think is English Mint to this other spot I cleared last week to let it take over.

If you made it this far into the post I’d like to thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to touch grass vicariously through me. If you got some inspiration hit up your gardening store and just have fun. Shit is cash. My dms are also open for gardening/landscaping questions.

Victory and Valhalla.

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I like this, really neat.


I agree! I want to do something like this in my kitchen. I have old fashion recessed windows with a bunch of empty space right now that I think cultivation rack would be perfect for.

Losing a year salary in this market sure makes me want to bury myself under some grass. Obligatory photo of some of my grass below. Getting a lot of maple tree seedling and other weeds this year. Do not even want to spend on landscaping and mulch. Confirmed negative correlation between losses and grass quality.

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Is that St. Augustine?
It looks great in the background. Is that a stump in the foreground? Might indicate some dead tree roots are hindering the grass from rooting.
In my experience trees just fucking hate grass. They are genocidal against it even in death. Mature trees do about everything they can to prevent other plants from growing: they block out the sun; they dry up the soil; they smother anything that grows close to the ground with leaves.
Plants were here for a long time before we showed up. Trees represent 350 million years of successful evolution. Humans only been here for 6 million. It’s an uphill battle.

Its actually mostly kentucky bluegrass. We have those pock marks because the landscaper blew all the mulch from that tree on the lawn last year. Still trying to pick out the pieces to this day. Not to mention all these damn new spring weeds. Some days I just want to let it all go. Much less to maintain with 2 acres of moss covered forest like my neighbhors.

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I can’t speak from experience, but I’ve been told Kentucky is a cooler weather grass. What part of the globe you on? Might be coming into the really bothersome part of the year. I dont mean to be a downer though. How much mulch is it? Might be able to rake it up rq on a cloudy day and recycle it. Let the grass grow back before the weeds take over completely.

To be honest, from your picture, the weeds and saplings seem under control. You could try a slightly shorter cut for the summer. Maybe stop weeds from getting big enough to spread and clear out any shade you grass might have been helping them with.

Regarding your light despair (sorry can’t come up with a better way to say this): I sometimes get to feeling like that as well. Something that helps my mental is pondering how cathardic it is to “play in the dirt”. Theres something very ancient about it. And, it’s my way of marking my territory. Sort of like putting my legacy into this house.

Something else to remember is that even though we dont like them and they are unsightly, there are a lot of bottom of the food chain insects that go for the weeds. They are still a part of the ecosystem that we have to kindof tolerate. Trophic levels and shit.

NIMB tho frfr.

Happy Earth Day everybody btw!
I hope you all get to spend some time enjoying the outdoors this weekend!

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Figured I’d add a couple photos of some outdoor projects me and the wife work on regularly. These areas include our front landscaping, some raised beds for vegetables, her flower garden, and a small round stone garden I recently built for her on the corner of our back porch. Currently working on a nice raised bed in front of the house that I’ll include some pics of when finished. Nothing better than being outside with your hand in the dirt.


Got outside today and finished up my raised bed for the front of my house. Unfortunately my entire yard slopes so building into a hillside is always fun. Turned out pretty nice though. Now to fill it up with dirt and let the wife go crazy with plants.


I’m digging this thread! Here’s what I’ve been working on lately. Finally finished sowing this plot the week leading into Easter. More to come!

Bush Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Kidney Beans
Bell Peppers
Jalapeño Peppers

Can’t wait to see how it comes out.


No room for squash and cucumbers?


Butternut Squash went here and I have more pictures to add for Yellow Squash, Zucchini in a separate food plot.

I need to take more pictures now that everything has come up/been planted.



Nice! I studied 2 years of Landscape Architecture, so this is one that I can easily fall in love with.

Will look into Bonsais again.
Thanks for making this thread!


Added some onions this past weekend, need to replant my pinto beans unfortunately as they didn’t sprout.

Staked my row of tomatoes this evening. They’re really starting to take off now!