HankPym's Trading Journal

I don’t like writing. I never keep a journal. But I feel like I’ve done well (despite the RSX shenanigans) and owe it to the community to share what I’ve been doing, and what has been working for me.

Quick recap since starting the challenge account - currently account value at $18k after going heavy in war plays. I made out incredibly well on WEAT, BNO/SCO, IPI and LMT (my top gainer).

RSX was a special case for most everyone as we all played it correctly, but a lot of people got caught holding into the halt. I luckily had pulled all my cost base and “some” profits, so the $12k of my funds I still had in RSX when it halted (should have paid me $30k…) wasn’t the death knell to my account that it was for many others I saw. That RSX loss dropped me back down to around $5k, which I’ve been able to push back up to the current balance of $18k since the 3-18 RSX options expired worthless over the weekend.

I didn’t start my challenge account until about a week after I watched Conq trading his account. I wanted to see how you trade and grow a small account like this and didn’t want to start until I felt comfortable with a decent understanding of it. What I didn’t realize was how many other nuanced trading techniques I would learn at the same time. I feel like watching Conq’s livestream is probably the greatest tool at learning how to trade properly I’ve ever come across. Whether it was the small starter positions with lots of powder available to average down, the patience to wait for the bid price you want to get met, making sure that the expirations are further out than I’d normally want, or just having a strong thesis to work off before entry/exit, I’ve been able to develop a lot more restraint and control over my gains/losses.

So, currently I’ve been trying to extend my wins to greater heights as I tend to be too much like JB (paper hands) and overtrade on plays where I was correct on my thesis and should stay put. It’s good to keep those paper hands for the times where I’m wrong, but I’ve been trying to develop more conviction and holding longer with the ones I’m right on. What I’ve found is that the best way to do that (for me) is to sell when I feel I should sell BUT then go and roll a smaller position into a later expiration. This lets me win (what I was looking for) while not getting that fomo from the continued success of the play. If it doesn’t continue, then I take a small loss on the extension (which drops less because the expiration is further out), but usually I find that I was right and then I make out in a day or two from having stayed in the play.

I mentioned LMT being my biggest winner, and that is mostly due to my continued play in it since starting this way of trading. I started playing it around 390, and have been in and out of it many times since then. I usually don’t keep a position more than a day or two before taking profit and rolling into later expirations (also keep the strike just barely otm when I purchase). I still feel it’s likely to run higher (as per the thread on it elsewhere on the forum), but it definitely is winding down. I am looking hard for another strong conviction play to take it’s place, but just haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure a large part of that is the uncertainty in the entire market.

Current positions in this challenge account are calls in LMT (of course), AMC, WFC, ZIM, and some new puts in AMD (off 120). Rolled LMT and WFC to later expirations today and got out of BA completely. I’m up over $2k for the day on the account.

I’ve done day trading for years, but this is honestly the first time that I feel I’ve got a firm grasp of how to make it REGULARLY successful. Valhalla has been a huge part of that growth and confidence. I don’t talk or share much (just my nature), and I feel somewhat guilty because I’ve received a lot from all of you. I’ll try to keep up with this and maybe give some more in-depth trade breakdowns so people can critique them in the near future and maybe someone finds something of worth in it.


I really appreciated watching Conq go aggressively at the memes today. It was interesting, both because it was so disconnected from all of the recent plays we’ve been doing, and because it was so smart in how it set him up for minimizing his risk going forward, while keeping options open for massive gains. It was what I’ve been trying to do with all these war stocks, just on an entirely different level. I am definitely not able to do that yet consistently or confidently, but now I know what it looks and feels like. I did not trade the meme stocks early last year, as I was uncomfortable with the risk at the time. This way of trading them will work for me, and I’m excited to do it more (assuming there’s more juice in these memes).

So I had a pdt hit the account for some reason on Thursday (I didn’t retrade anything from the same day, so I’m a bit confused…), so I had to do a thing and transferred $6k over from another account on Friday. Since that basically killed my trading on Friday, I was just able to exit positions. While that worked out in the short term (everything I had closed green), it left me unable to reenter positions I wanted to hold over the weekend. So I ended up closing everything on Friday except LMT and ZIM. Got one right and one wrong on those…

Closing the ZIM calls set me up for having a very comfortable green day. I try to always have one position that does this for me, because I seem to trade much smarter from a position of strength. If I didn’t make some other early bonehead moves this morning, I’d have had a very green day.
Speaking of boneheaded… I unfortunately averaged down on my LMT calls early, which appears to have been the wrong call for the day. That ate significantly into my profits for the day, but I’m waiting a day or two to see if it was just a short term consolidation, as there has only been more and more good news for LMT and today’s downturn wasn’t in line with momentum. One more reason to get those options dated further out.
Got into some GME, AMC and BBBY calls with all the degens and was up over 50% on the GME calls before I decided to cut those for the day. I’m still holding the other two, but they are smaller positions.
Got back into BA on that 185 bottom and ended up closing those eod well in the green.
Tried my hand at some SPY puts when vc was talking about it, but sold em quickly (although it should have been quicker) once it was clear we weren’t going down. Lost a few hundred here.
Decided to grab some AMC stock ah, since my option position was so small, in order to see if it gives me a little extra leverage tomorrow into staying green. Not something I would normally do, but I do want to be in a strong position if this does run in order to be able to average up and out into more comfortable strikes.

Starting from scratch today didn’t end too horribly (thankfully). It also helped that the accout was now over 25k, so I could trade without upsetting pdt rules (I’ll send the 6k back to the other account once I’m over 31k in here so as not to disturb the rule nazis). I also did not trade with that 6k at all so that I could manage it like I was still at the original 19500 starting this week (what I had eod Friday without the 6k). Account balance went up 1k on the day. Minus the 6k that shouldn’t be there, account is currently at $20500.

After taking a 7k drop right at open due to LMT’s fall from grace, I had given myself a hill to climb for the day. Luckily, pretty much everything else today went as planned and I more than met the task.

I took heavy profit early on my GME, AMC and BBBY (took longer than the other two) with that initial morning spike, and then repositioned into much more comfortable positions on GME and AMC on the knife that followed. I was green the entire day on these two today, and that let me play a bit more with FDs and scalping some volatility with profits.

I tried not to pay too much attention to the LMT loss and just focus on what was working for me today. That definitely made a difference AND eventually LMT came back up a bit to make it not hurt as bad eod. I got out of much of my position near eod and ended up only taking a $4k loss on it with significantly less exposure going forward.

Overall, staying on top of GME and AMC kept me busy most of the day, and I didn’t really have time to check out much else. I added a new starter on WFC and BGFV, with both being green at eod, but never looked at them after that starter. I’ll need to spend some time in ah trying to find anything else I am going to stick my nose in while primarily being focused on the memes. I don’t want to overleverage into memes and get tunnel vision. Need to keep a good balance for when the play finally is dying and I need to rotate.

With the scalping and good entry/exits on GME and AMC, I was able to accrue a well sized position in each at a price that stayed green even with that eod selloff. As long as this play continues tomorrow, I should be really well prepared and won’t feel the need to fomo or sell too much to take out my whole cost basis. I will be paying close attention for proper exits on profit taking and will hopefully have a very good day tomorrow. Despite the turbulence today, I still ended the day up another $1500 in the account, which (still ignoring the $6k that shouldn’t be in the account) now stands at $22000. Hoping to cross that $25k milestone tomorrow.

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We all knew today was coming at some point. Still hurts when it shows and you’re in the middle of plays that are affected by it, but this is why we keep dry powder available. SPY held down any potential of GME and AMC having a run today, so I took the opportunity to average down. Early averages weren’t the best, but I got more patient after the initial drop and waited for better support levels to buy more. Hopefully tomorrow is green and the memes get to do meme things, but I’m in later dates with better averages now, so I can be patient.

Played a bit with my smaller LMT position today and sold out of most with just a tiny position left to see what happens. Had to fight the fomo on this with the war talk ramping back up, but I’m likely going to move on from this now.

Also took the opportunity to increase my starter positions on WFC and BGFV on their dips today.

Overall, a real bad day looking at the numbers, but I still feel good about the plays I’m in, the positions that I have, and the potential tomorrow may bring (if not tomorrow, then likely not until next week…).

Current account balance stands at $16k. Looking forward to tomorrow’s potential!

I’m actually moving tomorrow, so I didn’t do much trading today (not that there was much I’d have traded today anyway…). I did grab a couple extra GME calls closer to the money when my alert set for 160 triggered. Other than that, I just let everything bleed, as I still feel confident in the GME/AMC plays. Having seen the rocket ah, I will expect that I’ll be taking out my entire cost basis tomorrow morning…right in the middle of my move…Some things can’t be helped :stuck_out_tongue:

For posterity, I have (among other significantly less degen strikes) GME 55x Apr 14 510c and AMC 65x Apr14 50c… I let the account bleed down to $8k today. If this account didn’t start at $1k, I don’t think I’d be as comfortable with letting this ride the way I have. That said, I would have missed what is likely happening even as I write this. I just had a feeling that if I exited my positions (with the account being back under 25k) I’d not get back in at a good enough price and would miss the chance to leverage into better calls on the eventual spike. Looking like I was right (won’t be sure until the morning though).

I absolutely will be looking to take out my entire cost basis tomorrow (assuming things hold like they are right now, or better…), and will likely start taking out funds regularly to keep the account in that “hungry” zone of 30-40k. This is something I do normally to both manage my mental game (subconsciously always knowing that the 25k daytrade trigger is close), as well as to keep focused on smart trades without risking much of what has already been gained. As this is the 1k to 1mil challenge account, I will keep track of those funds I withdraw (in this journal) so that I can see if I can keep up with all of the other fantastic traders doing this challenge that are NOT taking funds out regularly.

Good luck to us all tomorrow morning!

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So that move took a lot more out of me than my energy…
I wasn’t able to stay on top of my limit sells, and most did not trigger. I ended up with bags for days and it has been a bad week of trying to fix that ever since. I am now back to exactly where I was a week ago (before the GME pump and dump…), only without any excessive baggage. Time to reset and get back at it for next week.

Still holding a few GME calls on the off chance it does pop once more, but they are May expirations. Sold off everything else AMC/GME for massive losses.
Sold off my last LMT today. Sad that one is all done for now, but maybe it’ll have something drop it $20 in a day again and I can get back in. Have made a ton off this baby. My golden goose will at least need a rest for now.
Got out of my BGFV starter position for a slight loss. Those funds can be better used elsewhere.
Had lottos on HMHC that obviously didn’t pan out. Lost $100, no biggie.

Picked up BEEM yesterday and sold half today and rolled into May calls with profits. This one has been great so far.
Picked up THCA calls today and will likely sell them tomorrow. Already up bigly on those.
Nabbed a starter on SST with Conq near eod, but did May instead of April. Which brings me to my next idea I had near eod today…

I think I’ll continue to play the majority of the same daily swings as Conq with the challenge account, but from now on will only buy expiry dates further out than whatever Conq is buying. If he’s buying FDs, I’ll buy a week or month out. If he’s buying a month out, I’ll buy 2 months. This does two things for me -

  1. It gives me a chance to not get caught in whatever nonsense you degenerates are doing to that bid/ask right after seeing Conq play a strike. :joy:
  2. It gives me more time to get out of plays, whether green/red. If a play is red, my losses will be much smaller. Since that has historically been my trading weakness, hedging that while potentially losing a bit of profits on the positive side is worthwhile.

I withdrew the extra funds that had been sitting in the account, so what is in here should be now. I want to try and be more directly accountable in this journal for my account activity, and while I still don’t think it does much good stating specific options and the number held, I do think the daily tally should be exact. As such, the account currently stands at $7386.74 after a profit of $575.49 today.

Stepped away from trading during the last 5 months while watching my expectations of a significant market downturn take place. I will obviously play puts normally, but find it harder to consistently make money while the knife is still dropping. Best to wait until things calm down and make more sense. We seem to be at a crossroads now, and I didn’t want to miss out, so I’m back trading as of today. If SPY drops below that 380, I may reconsider and head for the hills again, but for now things appear playable.
I withdrew all funds except $25000 and will only be trading shares for the next couple days to get my feet wet again with less risk. Decided to start with news related plays. Already had a decent first day…

Bought 100 shares of AAPL at 154.68 when it appeared to have bounced off the 154.50 support and had been dragging in comparison to SPY movement and then sold via a trailing stop (set to 30cents) at 156.37.
Bought 100 shares of GME at close for 24.05 (seemed overly low in comparison to the hype this gets at times and 24 seemed like it wanted to be support, not that it would matter if news was bad…) and sold quickly with a 24.47 limit, still before news came out. Then got back in right away at 24.01, then sold 2mins later once news hit for 27.94. Done.

$638.70 for the day. Not bad for basically 2 plays in a couple hours. I did miss this. Hoping to be able to get my sea legs back quickly, but won’t be rushing anything.

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Big nothingburger of a day. Watched too long this morning instead of taking a position while SPY had momentum. Grabbed some BTU right before everything died (took a small loss when stopped out on that crash) and then grabbed some AAPL shares on a double bottom, only to have it be the biggest loser of the tech gainers on the slow recovery the rest of the day. Ended up being down 96 cents for the day :joy:

Hoping to make better picks tomorrow. Gonna skip earnings this evening I think.

Decided to jump in on the CPI focus…with calls/puts instead of shares

Played AAPL earlier in the day and decided to grab 10x 162.5p (9/16) right at 164 and they were green pretty much the rest of the day. Decided to hold them as my negative play for CPI.
Grabbed some ORCL - 10 78c (also 9/16) for 2.11 right before closing bell as a double play for CPI and earnings. Earnings was about flat (slight miss), so we’ll see how this goes in the morning.
Also had to grab a couple SPY calls. 2 413c (9/16) at 3.40.

I wouldn’t have normally played ORCL, as I didn’t think they would outperform (they didn’t), but because they had earnings right before CPI, I felt like they would have extra EXTRA attention, which would help them move more significantly than they probably should. If their numbers are viewed as normal or positive, and CPI comes out better than expected, I suspect they will move quite hard. We’ll see in the morning if I’m right.

All were up at close, but all could be down at open. Gave myself the week to work these out one way or the other. My gut tells me we go up first thing in the morning on hopium and fomo and then the reality that the situation isn’t as good as everyone hoped/expected will set in (my opinion), and come down hard after. I wanted to hedge both ways and, if I’m correct, will have to hold the AAPL calls (because they will be losers to start) and will sell the ORCL and SPY calls at open. I probably will not be getting into new positions at open, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it unfolds. Here’s to hoping I’m right, and if I’m not, that I get to bail without too much pain.

Sold everything at open, which ended up positive overall, but upon retrospect, I should have held ORCL a tad longer as it wasn’t tracking SPY’s drop and within 5mins had bounced above previous premarket highs despite the market selloff. The news was quite bearish and not in line with expectations at all. While I had the week to sell, it just seemed that today was the day to do so as theta would compound any losses and eat any gains going forward.

Was a good experiment, and I got out positive, as my AAPL puts paid much better than the ORCL or SPY calls ended up costing me. I’ll have to go over this some more at a different time to see what I might have done better.

Onto the next play!

Edit 1 - I quickly (maybe too quickly?) got back into SPY puts at the initial drop to the 400.50 level, as it appears to want a lot more down (just maybe not today). Grabbed 10 397p 9/16 and 10 390p 9/16 and plan to hold these at least until tomorrow. I suspect I’ll be green through most of today (I was green even as it went back to 401) as IV builds on the strikes just below 400 and pressure mounts. I will sell tomorrow or the day after when the dam breaks. Likely with PPI news.

Edit 2 - Was up nearly 40% on the puts, and with Conq, JB and everyone constantly reminding all of us to take profits and wait for the next catalyst, I decided to close my puts and see how the rest of the day goes. Green day of over $2k profits. I’ll turn off TD for a while and come back later to assess where things will be at eod and what might be the potential play for PPI.

Conclusion on the day - While I had a great day, there are definitely a few things I need to improve on. My kneejerk “sell everything at open” when things went different than expected wasn’t wrong, but perhaps it wasn’t informed enough. I knew things would continue dropping, so why sell the AAPL puts (that would have been worth $4k more had I waited to sell longer…)? Also, the same could be said for the SPY puts I bought later in the day. A better strategy would have been to sell and then move profits down to a lower strike, keeping me in the play but derisking the ride. It’s been a while since I’ve played movement like this, so I am okay with forgetting to do that, but it still irks when THAT much profit was left on the table.
Anyway, tomorrow is PPI and with as hard as CPI pushed us down, I don’t see anything but equally bad or worse news pushing us below 390. That said, 395 was supposed to be some support, and it folded like tissue paper. So I guess we’ll see. All cash til tomorrow!

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Going to actually sit today out. PPI was unreadable and the market is poised for at least several rug-pulls today (in either direction). I don’t need to be a part of that. Gonna sit on my hands and will watch from the sidelines until I feel a true direction has been taken. Good luck to all those playing this!

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Made it 2 days instead of the one sitting on the sidelines, and then with SPY dropping into that solid support region just above 380, I decided to get back in today. I decided to make AAPL my consumer sentiment play and, not being a complete degenerate, went with next Friday expirations.

My reasoning for choosing AAPL was that it had dropped a lot harder at open than SPY/SPX, and had found support even before SPY had, which made me feel pretty safe (since SPY was highly unlikely to drop below it’s big support without AAPL crashing). I decided to just play this one play all day, and focused on being technical.

Bought AAPL first at 8:15 this morning - 10 150c (Sept 23 exp) and then proceeded to add and average down (selling when it would pop above cost of the original calls, then rebuying lower) until I had accumulated 50 calls around 8:50. About an hour later I decided to grab a put to straddle the wedge that was squeezing. Got out of the puts about 10mins later for a small loss and slowly took profit on the calls over the next 3hrs as they slowly marched back up in value. Just ran the final 10 calls in power hour, watching VIX to make sure we didn’t reverse too hard. On the momentum move around the start of ph, I put a trailing stop of 30cents on the final 10 calls, watching it finally sell and put me all cash into close about 27mins later.

All told, ended the day up $2400.

Felt good to play calmly and patiently again, even with the uncertainty going on. It helped a lot that I spent the extra effort early on to buy/sell those calls down to better averages. Kept me green almost the whole day, which (from my experience) usually is a great mental boost to having patience and staying calm through tough movement. Not a relaxing trade day, but definitely worthwhile.

Time to look at how Monday will likely play out. Still not going to be buying in early, and won’t be holding overnight while we are so close to market support. Too easy to lose my shirt (also from experience…). Stay safe and have a great weekend. :cheers:

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Got caught trying to play against the flow of the market today, looking for a hard reversal. I did well early and got a little cocky on straddling SPY and went heavier on puts when it was sitting at the previous week’s top of the range. Obviously wasn’t todays range… I averaged down once it settled up, and am holding for the morning. At worst, I’ll sell on a volatility spike and take the loss. Kicking myself for this one, but I only ever really lose when I’m too proud to admit I’m wrong, and this was one of those cases. Time to get away from the computer for a bit and refocus for tomorrow.

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I was able to get out with my shirt, thanks to the gap down this morning. Played a quick COST call on that 498 dip (playing 500c this week) which actually got me green a tiny bit since the last 2 days. I think I’m going to NOT play the rest of the day, and just watch the fireworks from the side. Not a lot making sense in the market again, and I need to not just assume things will play out better than they had the last few months. Depending on how today and tomorrows news goes, I may or may not jump back in, but for now I’m sitting on my hands and watching. Good luck to all those in this chop.

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Missed my journal entry yesterday. Today was more of the same anyway. I was basically tunnel visioned in on SPY, and didn’t really look at anything else. Traded off of JB’s support and resistance levels, trading a little heavier into puts than calls each time. Probably over 100 trades today in that range…it was bonkers. I need a nap…

Made about $8k since yesterday. Gonna pull out10k and keep about 26k to keep me hungry and a little more humble. I bought and am holding SPY 20 376c (9/26 exp) into tomorrow morning that I grabbed near the bell. Just had a feeling that the big drop eod was a prelude to an early morning rally, but I can afford to be a little wrong on this one, and I have until Monday to be right.

Hope you all did well too. It was an insanely busy trade day and no matter what, we all need a break this evening. Until tomorrow!

Edit 1 - Being more responsible, I took one last look as I was done with this and decided to sell 10 of the calls for a small profit and just let the other 10 ride. :slight_smile:


Not my best outing. Started well with large gains on SPY both up and down around perceived supports and resistances. Then it fell through 365 around 10am, and from that point on, I made bad decisions almost exclusively. I sold all my puts as it fell below. Then I averaged down my calls, as it was dropping (thinking 364 would hold). Then theta kicked my butt before waving the white flag. I made a bit back getting back into calls before the final push during ph, but I’m down for the day.

With this range trading, I should have done better. I think playing anything less than a week expiration (with more than a gamble position) makes me mentally block myself from being able to reason properly with unreasonably raised fear levels. I’m going to pare back my trades to longer term contracts/puts for now until I’m again comfortable coming closer to expiration… 2 steps forward 1 step back.

I’ve been working off of the assumption that “in the absense of news, the market will want to go up.” While that obviously isn’t always true, today seemed to fit easily into that assumption, and that made for a simple trade day.

I also had switched back to shares instead of options for the rest of this week (since yesterday), as things seemed too unpredictable and, if I’m being honest, I’m tired and I just wanted a couple easy days before what I feel should be some dramatic movement coming soon.

Looking at premarket, I felt that the semiconductor market was well situated to have a good day. I chose AMD over NVDA because it’s early gains appeared more muted vs NVDA and SPY, and I thought that would end up rectifying itself at some point during the day. It wasn’t a bad choice, but both NVDA and SPY would have been slightly better overall performers, so I need to rethink the reasoning there. That said, some nice gains for the day. Bought in early and set my alerts. I sold when it appeared to lose support at 68.50. Thought I might be done for the day, but after some down, the market reversed again and looked bullish so I bought back in (with more shares) at 67.80 and rode that back to 68.50. I decided to hold half for tomorrow morning as it appears that the lack of news will continue the market’s bullish movement, at least until morning… It definitely was a lot calmer playing shares.

$545 profit for a leisure day of trading isn’t half bad. I may have to rethink pulling profits out completely and maybe run 2 accounts side by side, 1 for more aggressive option trading and the 2nd just for trading profits from the first as shares. I kindof do this already with my main retirement accounts, but that’s a little less hands than I’m thinking I want this. Anyway, lets get a few more weeks of profits locked in before we start making plans for MORE day trading…

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Sheesh, what a crazy close!

Had a great range day of trading, and then someone uncorked the volume that last bit. Lost a bit at the end, but overall was up significantly on SPY trading 1mo out. I took it slower today, put in my limits and walked away for a good while today. Was fun to keep coming back to more money than I left with.

I did a lot more trading of puts vs calls, as I wasn’t buying the bullish sentiment. I also was playing 21 Oct, so wasn’t really worried about anything all day. It was relaxing for the most part (other than the flash crash at the end). Was in calls right at the end though and had to get out of them after 4pm when whatever catalyst ran them down disappeared and SPY climbed back up. Worked out fine. Ended the day up $1400.

I’ll try not to get stuck on the potential profits left on the table, or the losses I took on individual transactions that would have turned out differently if I had hindsight. Always seems to get me, even on positive days like today. Going to enjoy the weekend and I’ll start looking at how things may go this next week. We may have a week or two of continued bull-in-a-bear sentiment, and I don’t want to get caught being full bear before the bull is put to bed.

Have a great weekend!

Head faked on SPY in the early morning chop and got stuck with another $2500 early morning hole to dig out. Slowed down and caught the trend up on the PMI data early enough to come out green in the end. Got out at 364 and then straddled during consolidation just over. Dropped the put side on the jump up and then straddled again at 366. Dropped the put side again once it confirmed above 366 and then slowly got out of my position by the start of power hour. I tried reentry a few times during the drop, but never really felt conviction on the attempts, so I quit trying. Ended the day up $459, which I’m okay with considering the position I had put myself in to start trading today.

On days like today, where there’s little-to-no conviction early on with movement, I need to sit on my hands until a trend shows itself. It’s hard because the volume makes you want to get involved, but that’s just part of the game if you are gonna play and win. If premarket shows a continuation of the uptrend, then I’ll play it as such, otherwise I’ll probably sit on the side until I see a clear direction, or there’s new news to indication a direction the market SHOULD take.

Decided to switch over to AAPL today. With the market showing clear signs it wanted more up after the premarket gap, I played just calls. Made for a pretty boring day to be honest, with how big of a gap it was, there wasn’t a lot of room for it to run further without more logs to throw on the sentiment fire. That said, I did get out and back in several times when it butted up against a resistance level.

No matter which ticker I’m playing, I watch SPY, VIX, and DXY closely for any sign of a change in market conditions. Just before power hour, SPY was at support, AAPL was at resistance and VIX was dropping continuously. This made me get deeper into calls. I got out completely about 2mins later on a large confirming pop. Just watched during the last hour to see how things might shake out tomorrow.

All told, ended up $1560 today. Pulling another 2k out tonight and will keep playing with just over 25k.