Healthy Eating Log & Discussion: Taking Swoley Communion

Over the past few months I’ve let my health slip a bit and gotten a bit too far away from my normal eating habits than I’d like and I’m currently a bit more “squishy” :joy: than I’d like to be. So, I’m getting back on track. I plan to log my progress and some of my meals, ideas, etc. here and invite others to do the same.

When I’m doing my “normal eating” I use an app called “RP Diet” to lay out my macros and track my meals. I love this app because of how you include meals. You get three bars that you literally just “fill” with food:

RP calculates your macros on its own based on your weight/height/gender and if you’re using their weight-loss program, it’ll adjust them automatically based on your progress with the weigh-ins.

Above is my first meal today and below is my actual meal plan:

I’m starting the program on maintenance (at ~theoretical goal weight) to get in the habit of eating clean again, then I’ll move to a weightloss format.

For those interested, here’s RP Diet for iPhone:

and here it is for Android:


I think things like this are fun and useful, declaring to peers helps keep me in check with things like diet/sticking to something that requires discipline.


Chiming in to share that I’ve been a big fan of Mike Israetel for a long time, RP everything is gold. Their YouTube channel has a bunch of incredible content regarding diet and resistance training.