Help Build No Bags a PC

Hello fine people of Valhalla,

I need a pc for gaming

$2000 is your budget

That is all


Get at least 1 RTX 3090.


Send 1500 to Tmilly, buy prepaid phone card. Call milly and ask him to play for you😉

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No funny business

Or else

Assuming you have all of your peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitors) already, someone has already done this work for you and is conveniently within your budget.



I think this is within your budget

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Thank you sucky


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My contributions to something I don’t know but hope it helps no bags buys computer


You may have to either know or learn really quickly how to put it together though :kekw:

Yeah I’m fuk

Just get this laptop. Maingear. American built.

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In all seriousness though, @No_Bags_No_Swag, high end gaming PCs are a terrible investment. You’d be better off looking to get a slightly dated one for half the price and upgrade twice as frequently.

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This might be slightly over $2,000 with taxes and such - should be more than enough power for most games - down the line you want to add more RAM that is easy and cheap enough;_Intel_Core_i7_12th_Gen_12700KF_36GHz_Processor;_NVIDIA_GeForce_RTX_3070Ti;_16GB_DDR4-3200_RAM;_1TB_Solid_State_Drive;_Mic?storeID=181&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh-KWgq-M9wIVERx9Ch2yLgscEAQYCiABEgK-5vD_BwE