HKD - Probably a Pump and Dump - Avoid

Since there was no topic on it - I thought I would make one. As the title I choose suggests - I wouldn’t personally touch this…

If you made money on it, cheers to you.

Snippet From, “

“Often, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In other words, as Market Rebellion Co-Founder Pete Najarian often says, “Discipline Dictates Action” — and disciplined traders do their research.”

Summarizing AMTD Digital (HKD)’s Mysterious Run

If we were going to give the shortest summary possible of AMTD’s recent movement, we would say that nothing about this run makes traditional “sense”.

  • The low volume does make sense given the massive run.
  • The P/E ratio is absurdly high compared to its sector and even the rest of the market.
  • The market cap doesn’t make sense given that AMTD Digital is a company that few people have ever heard of, and is also (for now) the 16th largest stock by market cap trading in the United States.
  • The revenue slowing from 10X to just 4% doesn’t justify the run, either.

Please do not discuss on Trade Floor - It is done. Focus on whats Next, not what could of been.


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