Housing numbers crash

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Sorry on the road, TEX does not have PM trading. Thus they have not enjoyed the -2.00% sell off the rest of the market has experienced. This MAY be a decent put scalp at open. Be safe if you look at it. GL Valhalla….

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So I ended up buying a TEX 30p for 07/15 this morning. Cost was 1.60 and I was able to scalp it for 2.07. These options seem to have large spreads and are somewhat illiquid. It only has monthlies and the highest OI on the puts side is 271 at the 30$ strike.
Honestly the most interesting thing about this ticker is that at least today it did not trade PM. It did indeed “catch up” to the rest of the market at open. It could be an “easy money” play where you could look at SPY in general and CAT specifically and see if there is a gap for TEX to fill at open. Definitely worth watching.