How are you able to identify scalp and/or squeeze candidates?

I’m working a 9-5 software dev job, and I’m not able to keep my eyes glued to the market while it’s open.

Excuses aside, I’ve always been mystified how people like @PaperhandsJB can find multiple scalp candidates each morning and so easily find support/break levels. Like, how do you even find these companies? They’re never any companies I’ve heard anything about, so I don’t know anything about what they do or what momentum they have. I suspect that most scalpers don’t really even care what they’re investing in, and maybe also don’t even know who they’re investing in, they just see the support/break levels. But my question is - how do these companies even come on your radar? What makes a scalper 1) even find a company like WEJO, and 2) what makes them think it’s a good scalp candidate?

And for squeeze candidates, how does one even find a company like ESSC? Small cap company, barely any volume, barely any news… How does this ticker even get picked up? It must take a lot of time resources sifting through the financials and looking for info such as free float, share lockup dates, etc.

So basically, yeah, my questions are how are these stocks even found in the first place, and how do you go about determining that it’s a good candidate for a scalp or squeeze?

Read the education section in these forums and my blog posts. That will help on how I find these to scalp and how I find resistance and support. Stock pre market scanners are a big help. I’ll respond more when I’m not sick. GL

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Thanks, I haven’t really looked at the education section. I’ll be sure to do that.

I’m curious about the gamme squeeze tickers as well. @Conqueror would you be able to weigh in? How does a stock like ESSC even manage to get your attention?