How to read the "Position Statement" on stream

After some questions about how to see my open positions, I've added the following screen to the stream to show what I have open and my cost basis. I've numbered the graphic below and the numbers are explained afterward:

1 - Stock Title

This is the stock the option is for, this can generally be ignored as the ticker itself is right above.

2 - Option Title

This is the title of the option I’m holding, you can see the labeled one is 100 (Weeklys) 4 MAR 22 16 CALL. This contains all the info you need to pull up that same option.

  1. The 100 is for how many shares are in the contract so it can usually be ignored.
  2. (Weeklys) denotes whether its a weekly or monthly option, I typically don’t really look at this.
  3. 4 MAR 22 is the expiration date. From this we know I took an option that expires on the 4th of March, 2022.
  4. 20 PUT is the strike and type of option. We know that I took at 20 STRIKE PUT from this part.

3 - Qty

This is the number I currently hold. If an option shows up with 0 qty, it means I am no longer holding that position. +2 means I am long two options using our example on line #2. I’m not going to be selling options for quite awhile, but when I get there a -2 would mean I’m short two options.

4 - Trade Price

This shows my cost basis by averaging the contacts I’m currently holding. You can see my average on my RSX puts is 1.575.

5 - Mark

Current trade price of the option

6 - Net Liquidity

How much capital I currently have in a position. For instance my two RSX puts are worth $380.00.

7 - P/L% Day

P/L% of currently open positions. This zeroes out once I sell.

8 - P/L Day

P/L of all positions for the day. Unlike % this doesn’t zero out when I sell.

9 - Total Net Liquidity

Overall value of my positions, how much of the account is currently vested.

10 - Total P/L% Day

Overall P/L% of open positions only. When I sell the % is taken away.

11 - Total P/L Day

Overall P/L of all positions for the day.