How to Read This Roadmap

To better keep track of “development” of the community, I’m creating this category. Each thread within it is an individual task or project that we’re working on. Some of the tasks will have to be completed by myself or the architects, but other tasks can be completed by basically anyone in the community. In order to sort these out, there are several tags that will identify the stage each task is in:

  1. completed - Self explanatory, when a task is complete, this tag will be assigned.
  2. in-development - This is a task that is going to need to be completed by either myself or the architects. Status updates to the task will be given in the thread and when completed, it’ll be marked “solved” and the tag will be changed to completed.
  3. community-task - community tasks are things that can be worked on by anyone in the community. The threads marked with this tag will contain all discussion about the project and the “deliverables”. As with in-development tasks, it’ll be marked solved and the tag will be changed to completed when the project is done.