HPQ - Supply chain earnings play

Hey guys,

Short post for a lotto play coming today AH.

HPQ, otherwise known as Hewlett Packard, reports earnings after hours today.

I’m taking a small lotto position primarily because of, you guessed it, supply chain.

Last Q, they cited supply chain issues as being an unknown factor when providing guidance. Since they mentioned it then, and we still have those issues now, I fully expect them to mention this ER as well.

While they’ve shifted towards manufacturing some products in the US, the bulk of their manufacturing and supply comes from China and overseas:

They have a low EPS to beat, which I fully expect them to smash. That being said, I do expect them to draw FUD from investors as they address supply chain issues in their forward guidance and call.


Just adding a comment here:

We’re short on time, but I found this interesting from their Q3 2021 earnings. They really grew in Q2 2021, but that seems to have slowed.


Looking decent in AH :wink: