If you are stressed, you are doing it wrong

When you wake up in the morning and open up the webull app or when you login to TD you should not be worried, you should not be afraid of what you see. You should be able to go to sleep every night without having a single concern on what the investments you’ve made are doing. You can be excited, you can be hopeful, but you should never be stressed out about if a play will follow through.

This is a reality I’ve learned through trial and error. My best trades have come when I was in a good mood and mindset and my worst have come from when I was anxious for a win and wanted to hope for a unlikely outcome. There have been times when I’ve lied to myself about there not being a problem even when there was and sometimes you have to recognize your faults and autocorrect down the right path. Yes leaps are boring and yes shares are gay but what isn’t gay even though it sounds like it is understanding your emotional state and being comfortable with trading in moderation and at a calm pace.

Something I often see in trading floor is people worried about a play, people having hopium for an ER gamble, people going guh when something drops 50 cents. This is all okay in conversation but when you are going guh while actively trading, when you are watching the price fall as your calls get redder and your hands get sweatier, and when you buy the peak from the adrenaline of seeing something fly, you are doing it wrong.

We all want those 10 baggers to come in everyday and for a small few of us that can happen by becoming truly skilled traders but that takes lots of hard work and studying and you will make mistakes along the way. You have time and you can take it slow, the market isn’t going anywhere.

My overall point is that when you get ready to make some trades you should go into it totally calm and totally fine, if you lose you lose if you win you win. You should never be making yourself feel uncomfortable when trading you should always be trading with a smile focused on boll bands and candlesticks while slowly raking in accumulating gains. And If you are there thinking right now yeah I do get stressed and anxious while trading alot then you should seriously consider slowing down and reducing your account size.

I wrote all this randomly because I just wanted to say it so to any yours and typos i say I don’t care everything will be fine and I’m not stressed out about it because if I was I’d be doing it wrong.