Ikonomy: Descended Trading Journey

Decided to start this on a whim, will update when I can. RSX shot me down, but it is what it is. If I manage to play well enough, perhaps I’ll knock some stuff off of my wish list like a recording room. I’m here for Conq’s wild ride, with the occasional SPY scalps from Yong, AI Bot, and Forum + VC plays. Basically going to try to use the information given to me to make decisions. I lack a lot of fundamentals, so I don’t think I will be able to explain my reasoning for my choices. I’ll probably be messing around a lot, so this serves as a good review for me sometimes on the decisions that I decide to take. Appreciate all the knowledge being available and given to be able to make these plays. Without further ado:


Currently at $4,311.72

Holding these overnight:

Today’s choices:

WFC: Heard Jekyll mention this one overnight, and saw it overall had positive results, except yesterday; held overnight and my calls exploded. Sold them at around 53$, could’ve held longer but it’s better to be safe here.

SPY: Read Yong’s sentiments on the forums regarding 440-450 support spy had, and I had confidence to make some quick scalps. Normally I don’t do scalping, but I decided to try to take JB’s advice and made some quick buy and sells throughout the day.

FB: Followed Crayon’s call and scalped for a quick bit on it.

CCJ: idk lol

What’s wrong with this stock, fuck it I’m throwing money in. I bought it early, so I could’ve sold at a good 3.50 peak for 270, but decided to hold off and see what the morning brings. I might regret this.

That’s mostly all the notable ones for today.

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Following my scalps and plays? Are you retarded or something

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I gotta make some lunch money too my man…

Been a while.

Blew up my account, got some rehabilitation, and picked up a thing or two with charting.
Got tired of chasing plays, so I decided to start making my own; Let’s try this again. I probably will be tracking/updating this loosely so I don’t view it as a chore, and probably going to start charting small. We’ll see how it goes.

Looking for a FDX run to 240~252. Eyeing some 232.5 or 235C this week expiry.

Mondays typically a 5.12 point move. 85% chance it hits soft target.
Will watch for whichever direction it chooses.


Played Qs sloppy today. ES was already on the short side on my radar. Took calls and tried to play up when I could’ve played it safe. Can’t say I won’t make that mistake again.

Cleaned up my charts a little bit, trying to figure out if I should divide my S/Rs, but already have too many charts up for my liking to keep tabbing between them. Probably should clean them up more

Previous Targets weren’t hit today. Will be looking towards the downside today if option contracts holds throughout the day. Also depends on placement of ES.

FDX is up, but not enough. I would like to see a break of previous high(221.36) and continuation through 230.31. If it dwaddles, play’s probably over. Put contracts dried up as well, so another red flag.