IMAX, if it was possible with AMC, why wasn't this affected?

Description of why you are requesting DD: <It seemed to be a company in the same line of business as AMC, which is why I was wondering why this company didn’t have a short squeeze and if it was possible for one?>
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So I was thinking back to the AMC saga and happened to come across another movie theater company, IMAX. I was wondering why there was never a short squeeze for this company, after all it was also a movie theater company that was affected by the pandemic, so there must have been some shorting involved with it. Their recent earnings stated that they had their best October ever:

The options chain looks okayish with a lot of interest on the 11/19c $22 strike. The current stock price is at about $20.

Is this a hidden opportunity in plain sight or am I reading it wrong? I would like more DD to confirm this. I don’t have access to Fintel or Ortex, so maybe someone can provide me with that data.

Short squeezes depends on two things:

  1. Short interest
  2. Hype

Lack any of the two and there will be no squeeze. Usually the spread of information on a high short interest generates that hype itself.

Had a quick look and the short interest for IMAX seems to be at 5% of free float. Numbers like these cannot generate enough hype (buying pressure).

AMC is a meme stock. Meme stocks live and die by retail hype.

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Following on from Insomniyac’s reply, I feel that one of the reasons IMAX did not attract as much short interest during Covid, is that it has a more diversified business model.

IMAX is involved in the production and post production of movies, as well as having IMAX cameras that production companies will pay a lot of money to rent, and will require consultancy from IMAX to operate. It might be worth looking in to how significant that part of their business is, particularly in terms of income - that might help your DD.

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