IMPORTANT: Concerning a potential invasion of Ukraine

Considering recent remarks from the President confirming Putin has decided to attack, the evidence of troops advancement and some information from people I know who are connected, I want to take a second and remind everyone of the potential weight of the events that are about to transpire.

No matter where you live, please make sure of the following:

  1. Stock up on groceries, enough to last you at least a month. If you’re light on funds, buy some cases of Ramen or something else quick and easy.
  2. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas.
  3. Take out some cash from your bank account and keep it on hand.
  4. Purchase some candles and/or batteries and flashlights.
  5. Buy some charcoal or a propane stove/grill.

Russia has amassed the largest attack force Europe has seen since WWII on the border of Ukraine. This attack has likely been planned for years. We do not know how far Russia is willing to go to ensure victory and we are unaware of what systems may be affected as a result.

There is a concern on the US side of things that Russia’s attack may directly or indirectly affect our power grid and financial institutions. The chances are of course somewhat low of that, but given the unusual nature of what is about to happen, you don’t want to be unprepared.

While we’ve been certain that these events were going to happen and have been trading accordingly, let’s not confuse that for a lack of compassion. My heart goes out to anyone with family in that area and the potentially 10’s of thousands of people who may lose their lives. Keep in mind that while war is fascinating and we’re keeping tabs on the events as they transpire that at the end of the day, its something that is very sad and we should be mindful of it.

Be safe friends and keep the people of Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers.