INJUSTICE Trading Journal

Hey everyone,
Been awhile but I decided to start one up after finally getting some free time. This account was pretty down bad, around $258.74 on February 8th, and then @Conqueror decided to announce his $1k to $1m challenge, so I decided why not lets follow along and see how far we could go. I am so thankful I did as this challenge account is up 276% ($1,105.30) over the past week, strictly following Conq’s callouts and stream. I decided to use my old RH account for this challenge (yes shithood) solely due to the limited amount of day trades as I use it to prevent myself from overtrading (which I had a big issue on), with the exception of cutting a bad trade or profit taking.

I plan on moving this account to TD Ameritrade once the account hits $25k, as it is a much better broker than most out there. I plan to upload my positions and gains/losses every day similarly to conq, as I have mostly the same as his with the exception of position sizing. My offiicial starting balance for this challenge is $258.74.


Here is the history of my past trades before today, as I would have updated it if i started my journal earlier.
Recent to latest:

Also, I am in Australia atm, so that is why my dates for the transactions are wonky. (Woooo I’m from the future.)

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Account is currently at $1,105.30, 98.86% on the day, 276.25% on the week.

Sold my RSX 12p 3/11 this morning for some tasty profit and repositioned into RSX 9p 3/18 afterwards. Currently still holding OZON (obviously) and RSX. Thanks Conq and everyone else who has contributed.

Account update 3/1/22:
Balance: $1531.36
38.52% ($425.89) on the day
314.01% ($1161.47) on the week

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Sold my RSX 9p 3/18 this morning and repositioned into RSX 7p 3/18 instead as well as adding RSX 5p 3/11. I also bought a single CORN 25c 3/18 and a couple WEAT 10c 3/18. I briefly scalped a LMT 450c 3/4 but I sold for $20 as it was a dumb trade to start with knowing the size of my account. (Still have OZON)

Account update 3/2/22:
Balance: $1969.23 (nice)
28.59% ($437.88) on the day
219.77% ($1353.40) on the week

Sold a couple of my RSX 7p 3/18 and trimmed some RSX 5p 3/11 at the low of $5.00 today and held 3. I also sold my CORN and WEAT calls and repositioned into RSX 5.5p 3/18 as well as adding a couple more RSX 5p 3/11. I also opened up positions in USO 75c 3/18 and BOIL 40c 3/18. (Still holding OZON :Sadge:)

Account update 3/3/22:
Balance: $2886.91
46.61% ($917.75) on the day
419.28% ($2330.97) on the week

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Sold USO 75c 3/18 and BOIL 40c 3/18 at open. Crazy and strange day for RSX today, but we kept calm and collected. Still holding RSX 7p and 5.5p 3/18 and trimmed some of my RSX 5p 3/11 and repositoned into 5.5p 3/18. Opened new positions in WEAT 11c 3/18 and CCJ 23c 3/18. (Still holding OZON)

Account update 3/4/22:
Balance: $3118.49
8.02% ($231.64) on the day
460.94% ($2562.55) on the week

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After a long weekend, we were finally able to profit some more by selling CCJ 23c 3/18 and WEAT 11c 3/18 at open. I repositioned into WEAT 12c 3/18 later on in the day as well as buying a single CORN 26c 3/18. I also scalped a LMT 470c 3/11 for $70 but could have made more if I held, but profit is profit. Still hella profitable even with RSX halted.

Account update 3/7/22:
Balance: $3443.15
10.41% ($324.74) on the day
141.73% ($2018.75) on the week

The streak is over, but it had to come eventually. We had a red day and it was a tough day, due to WEAT pulling back a bit, but the redness is unrealized. We come back stronger when WEAT gaps up :pepepray:. Sold one WEAT 12c 3/18 thinking it was my CORN 26c 3/18 :chaum: but eventually cut my CORN for a loss. It gave me the opportunity to average down on my WEAT though from a cost basis of 1.72 to 1.39 :pepepray:. Still holding the majority of my positions. (RSX and OZON halted)

Account update 3/8/22:
Balance: $2617.20
-23.99% ($826.09) on the day
40.54% ($754.96) on the week

Took the day off, and just held everything. Same positions as yesterday, hopefully, we can figure out the RSX situation and WEAT decides to come back :pepepray:

Account update 3/9/22:
Balance: $2232.57
-14.71% ($384.99) on the day
13.37% ($263.34) on the week

Sold my WEAT positions at a loss. Small setback but we can make it back. Definitely was overleveraged in WEAT and learned a lesson. Currently holding no positions except RSX and OZON.

Account update 3/10/22:
Balance: $2033.13
-8.92% ($199.15) on the day
-29.57% ($853.78) on the week

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The RSX 3/11’s expired worthless :// No difference in positions. Hopefully, tomorrow open will be pretty with RSX being unhalted :pepepray:

Account update 3/11/22:
Balance: $1807.04
-11.12% ($226.09) on the day
-42.05% ($1311.45) on the week

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You’ll bounce back king I believe in you

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No changes in account, still have the RSX and OZON puts. SC is the same as Friday’s.

Account update 3/14/22
Balance: $1807.13
0% ($0) on the day
-42.05 ($1311.45) on the week

So, I know its been awhile but I took a major break due to RSX and OZON with my options expiring worthless and I pretty much ended right back near where I started. After RSX, I was around $261ish but began to make my way back up with SPY puts, UVXY calls, and BNO calls. I then sold my SCO for a small profit and ended around $300ish and opened AMC 40c 4/8 today. I know its a bump in the path, but I know we can make it back.

Account update 3/28/22:
Balance: $725.99
156.54% ($443) on the day
96.53% ($356.60) on the week

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Opened new positions on GME 510c 4/14 and closed some AMC 4/1 40c (FDS) for a minor loss. Excited to see what today has in store.

Account update 3/29/22:
Balance: $699.89
-3.60% ($26.15) on the day
211.76% ($475.39) on the week