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Overall, I’m bullish and gonna take some gamble 2/2 calls for earnings tomorrow. They’re relatively cheap and with all the AI talk and chips doing well, I think it’s a good bet.

I’m still at work but will dive deeper into at once I get home


Love it? But perhaps puts might be a better idea? Also, wtf slow mode lol

I like the DD name

yeah yeah <:pepecry:899174773110763530>

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They announced the AI chips in December so this would be the first earnings where they really get to trot out how many they’re planning to sell and such.

Potential downside being that they also announced a lot of expenditures related to new factories, etc.

are you the only one of my side <:pepecry:899174773110763530>

I agree with everything in this thread

I’m still bullish on it

I’m reading more into it rn but I think their guidance tmrw might be good - PC recovery sales have been trending up and I think the restructuring they’re doing is going to benefit them exponentially in the coming years

I think I’m gonna go with either 50/51 call for 2/2

To this point, a chunk of the new fab expenses are going to be courtesy of governmental spending. Clearly bullish <a:gousa:1052620483662712903>


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