$JNJ Puts After Bearish News

Thursday Dec 16th 2021 news outlets began reporting that the CDC is looking into pulling J&J vaccines due to blood clotting issues and other side effects.

“ Most Americans should be given the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines instead of the Johnson & Johnson shot that can cause rare but serious blood clots, U.S. health officials said Thursday.

The strange clotting problem has caused nine confirmed deaths after J&J vaccinations — while the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines don’t come with that risk and also appear more effective, said advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.“

To me this incredibly bearish news for the stock, now on to the juice…. $JNJ has been on a bull run for a few weeks now coming off a low of 155.93, it has ran back up to 173.51, after the news was released it has a slight pullback and is currently sitting at 168

I see more downside to this as $JNJ has been having lots of trouble with there vaccine and other medicines. It has been on a downtrend since august 20th and has not broken a hew high since. This news confirms that JNJ is a shit company and the downside potential is there from the level it is currently sitting at.

I will be looking to enter into some PUTS next week for the jan 21 expiry.

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With $82 billion in revenue annually and the vaccine alone consisting of about $766M of that revenue (for the first three quarters of this year), I’m seeing this as mostly priced in. JNJ is just too diversified. Much larger revenues coming from their Oncology, Immunology, and Neuroscience segments.

That being said, market headwinds could make this play viable on a pure volatility basis.


Good catch. All you have to do is type “Johnson and Johnson” in search bar and it’s news story after news story. Huge negative sentiment and front page covid news. Gotta know lawsuits and other negative things will follow.

They are very diversified, but your average person doesn’t care about that I think.

This’ll likely drop just from the sheer volume of news articles alone.

Especially if you factor in the bullish movement and news with PFE. People may be inclined to dump JNJ for PFE.

Good work.


I’m on the same page as you. They’re very diversified, but sentiment could cause short term bearish sentiment along with current market volatility and JnJ being close to ATH

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166 and 167 are weak support lines.
I’d watch out for a short term bullish reversal at around 163/161, or before 157.

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I think you’re putting too much emphasis on the COVID vaccine and treating it like a legacy revenue stream. As others have pointed out it really isn’t a blip on their total revenue stream. The company is also splitting between pharmaceuticals and consumer products which the street usually likes from the retail space equivalent. I think it has to with less overhead if I had to take a guess.

I think you should also ask yourself, when is the last time I’ve seen GOOD news about JnJ? Then look at the chart. This thing is constantly going up despite lawsuits and settlements. It’s also been a goto store of equity for many crashes because of the profit margins and dividends. I can’t see it falling much with this market uncertainty.

CDC recommends the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine over J&J, but I don’t think it would affect their stock price that much on that news. The J&J vaccine was developed as a non-profit venture initially. There were talks of them ending that back in Oct, but apparently they never made the change so it is not a major revenue stream for them.


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