Josh's Trading Journal

Probably should have been one of the first to start this (LINK LOL), but I havent been happy with my trading and been working to improve and find what I’m better at.

So as on 6/1 I had approx $20 in my account, this is how its going. Going to come back with the trades but wanted to get this started to keep me on track

There was quite a bit of luck here, but now reigning myself in.


Trades since last week

Picked up a SPY call for .17, Sold for .35

Someone called out the FB algo drop on TF and VC, so grabbed 2 for .15. I was out of day trades so held until the next day and sold 1 for $1 first thing and one for $1.5 later in the day

Next up was a SPY put.

End of day bought 4 SPY puts on Friday with the intention of selling EOD, but got caught up with something and couldnt… Which worked out since they opened almost ITM on Monday

Quick $60 SPY scalp yesterday

Quick $140 SPY Scalp Today (Out of day trades again)

Holding some (2) AFRM $20p for friday and (4) SPY 405p for friday I bought EOD today

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Sold the SPY puts I held overnight for a small profit. Was a bit higher on that dip this morning but held too long and even though they were for friday it was feeling like a green day so got out asap. +$12

Did a quick SPY call scalp, that turned around quick on me but ended up +30% (phew lol)

Up a bit over 2000% on the week (37% on the day)

Still holding AFRM puts that I am a little down on.

Out of day trades until Friday, which should be a nice scalp day with CPI :slight_smile:

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Closed out my AFRM puts for a $2 loss, getting too close to exp and too far OTM to hold any longer.

Grabbed some shares of UTAA on the OF rumor, figure decent hold until I have a day trade on Friday.

So since the low Of $20 last Tuesday, up to 1,136.37 (+5,581.85%)


Holy shit, 4,700% in a week insert huge eyes emote I’ll gas u for that, that’s pretty impeccable but next time start with $7 and not $20 :rofl::rofl:. Good fucking work Mr Josh

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Thanks Milly!

Need to update trades from the past week. Had a few bad trades, but more good trades.

Here is were I’m at today

so 2 weeks $20 to 1800… Love this place!

Sold my awfully timed 6/22 380 and 375 calls for a small profit. Saw some big red last week.

Went through the forums this weekend and will do some more today to see whats next.


Picked up some SPY 6/24 370p’s near low of day yesterday afternoon. Sold first thing

Spy Put scalp today

Buy 8x SPY 6/24 370p $1080
Sell 8x @ $1312

Officially passed the 100x point today since the beginning of the month :slight_smile:

I do plan on switching to TD after 7/1. This has been keeping me on track mostly and if I can keep it up it will be fun to see the chart of $20 to $XXXX

I have a cash account already setup on TD, I do see the disadvantages of RH and PTD, but its really made me think about what I’m getting into and when as well as keeping me from over trading.

DOWN ~30% today (so far). Held too many puts overnight, feeling it.

Did a quick SPY call scalp on the housing data release. +$292

Still holding puts: SPY 370 for monday, AFRM $20 for the 7/15 and KMX