Joshuke's 40% bangers and more

Its time to finally make my trading journal that I will try to update daily outlining my trades both good and bad, and also the kick in the dicks. I had a pretty successful week last week, but dont feel like going through every trade I had made so will just go over 2/4 to start. I am using my smaller account to day trade right now. $2500 total value. 2k is cash gang going into next week. Most of what I do is day trade, but I had been trying to swing more lately and will be trying to do this more. Mostly options, sometimes shares.


5 35p 2/11 KHC cut in the morning. Cost basis - .21
Sold for - .34

1 aapl 175c 2/11 . Cost basis - 1.25
Sold for - 1.45

2 Ford 20c 4/14 - .84 a piece. Going to be swinging these.
1 for share. 17.76 because america

1 Spy 446p FD - Cost basis - 1.12
Sold for - 1.85 (coulda got an extra 200% if I held an extra 30 minish)

1 Spy 447c FD - Cost basis - 1.29
Sold for - 1.65 ( coulda got a an extra 200% + If I held, it was sketchy so I cut for profit)

10 Hood 15p - Cost basis .21
Sold for - .25

2 Intel 50c 3/11 - Cost basis - 1.00
Sold for - 1.05

Cut my astr leaps I picked up a couple months ago, 2 7.5c average of 1.45 . Sold for 1.5

The kick in the dicks. If I woulda held my spy puts and calls, could have gotten multitudes more percentages gains, happy with what I got. Hood, could have sold at .3 + If I woulda held a little longer. Biggest dick kick was my UPS swing. Had 8 225p held red and green many times. Paper handed thursday before close for small profit. Friday at open, my 8 UPS 225p for average of .55 were going to 2.00 a piece at one point. $1500 I missed out on because I doubted my own thesis after holding all week. Big F. But could have easily been out of near $500 and woulda been super upset, so profit is profit and im happy with that.


Your astr leaps came back? lfg

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I believe you owe me something



pm me your zelle and ill send you $2 for a McChicken my rocket brother :rofl:

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