KO (the coca cola company)

So a youtuber I watch mentioned KO as possibly a “delayed” put stock. 🩸Stock Market Crashed 2022🔪Bull Trap! | Top Stock Analysis SPY AMC SOFI DWAC NFLX AAPL TSLA SHOP - YouTube [7 min in]

I found this tidbit: " The company is particularly vulnerable to the closing of theaters, restaurants and stadiums, unlike rival PepsiCo (PEP.O) that relies more on grocery and retail channels."
Coca-Cola leans on early pandemic lessons to prepare for Delta variant hit | Reuters [6 months ago]

The chart has some bearish signals like 4 hour bearish rsi divergence.

Earnings is on Feb 10th.

I might end up swinging it but not sure yet.

Thanks for picking up this topic, bud! It’s good to know someone’s watching KO here.
Archiving this now.