Limited to shares only, seeking advice

Hello Valhalla

I’ve been around since after the IRNT play and really learned alot but since Im a swedish trader my hands are tied.

I can only trade shares during trade hours at the US market.
My stoploss only work at the trade hours aswell, so I miss all the action (and risk!) with options and the AH/PM trades.

Im seeking any helpful advice to trade being this limited. So far I’ve done really well using the mindset of taking profits, no fomo and doing research before buying.
But I feel its going slow and hard to make any good moves when I miss AH/PM trades.

I hope someone got anything helpful to share.
Keep up the good work!

Edit note: a huge benefit is our taxrate is a standard tax on the portfolio at 0.375%, wich is insane.

Your trading limitations can be solved by opening an Interactive Brokers account, it’s an EU broker.
Exit orders only working during market hours, is a sign that you’re not using a real broker.

Regardless, your tax rate and limitations are a blessing in disguise, they are an incentive to focus on long trades, and to stay away from the high frequency net negative strategies (get broke fast).
Taylor your research towards medium to long term trades and have patience (get rich slow).

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Thanks for the input.

If I use the EU broker, I wont get my blessed standard tax, wich leads to alot less gains only to be able to trade outside tradinghours. I cant get both.

Then I shall accept the “blessing” with limitations and seek my future investments with the mindset of just being really safe and dont need to think about taxes at all (I dont even need to fill a form, its really easy).

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I’m pretty sure Swedbank broker also has extended hours trading, at least in Latvia and Finland, but don’t know if they count as a Swedish broker.

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They only allow buy/sell during trading hours here in Sweden.

The Flip side is you are also losing out on the risk associated with options, PM/AH. Nothing wrong with slow and steady.

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