List of ETF's and their sector (not leveraged)

XLK Sector Overall
KWEB China Internet
SMH Semiconductors
IGV Software
CIBR Cybersecurity
CLOU Cloud
XLE Sector Overall
XOP Oil &Gas
ICLN Clean Energy
FCG Natural Gas
TAN Solar
XLU Sector Overall
PAVE Global Infastructure
XLV Sector Overall
XBI Biotech
IHI Medical Devices
POTX Cannabis
XLF Sector Overall
KRE Regional Banks
KBE Banks
KIE Insurance
Consumer Staples
XLP Sector Overall
Real Estate
IYR Sector Overall
XLI Sector Overall
JETS Airlines
ITA Aerospace and Defense
FTXR Transportation
IYZ Sector Overall
Consumer Discretionary
XLY Sector Overall
XLC Media
XRT Retail
XLB Sector Overall
GDX Gold Miners
GDXJ Gold Miners Juniors
XME Metals and Mining
XHB Home Builders
URA Uranium
GUNR Natural Resources
SILJ Silver Miners
LIT Lithium and Battery Tech
COPX Copper Miners

Thanks for this its good to know if your day trading spy what each sector is doing.

I like to keep a watch list of each sector and see what each are doing, sometimes you can spot a reversal by looking at each sector individually.

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XLF breaking out of it’s consolidation range and doing a backtest.

Currently watching SPY, if that jumps it it’ll likely take XLF with it.

Coming into an important level, might look for a breakthrough backtest depending on the state of the overal market ( Swing trade)