( LMT-GD-BA )Potential Conflicts to push military stocks up?

More of a general sense of companies similar to LMT such as General Dynamics (GD) and Boeing (BA).

Thursday, a defense bill was passed by Congress and it caused a significant bounce on some military stocks that were hurting.

Boeing for one decided to run all the way to the end of the day and seems to be the better option of the two I’ve mentioned.

GD lagged behind, but looks to have some significant bounce back on Friday, but still having space to push up further.

LMT is one of those stocks that people like to talk about all the time when it comes to potential wars. Most of its movement is attributed to winning a contract, so uncertain if it’ll feel as much movement compared to the other two.

Boeing has to be the best out of the three as its neen nonstop streak of green. Breaking past previous resistances and closing onto 278 that it last saw in 2021. If it continues, it could even see pre-covid levels.

I’m kicking myself in the ass for not entering Friday, but Boeing is likely going to continue its run in comparison to the rest of the Market- if we don’t see a massive pullback before Christmas.

This is more or less spreading awareness to these 3 particular stocks. I don’t have too much information aside from mentioning their movement so far.


So this affects $BA specifically and isn’t tied to military conflicts: Alaska Airlines grounds Boeing 737-9 fleet after emergency landing in Portland - ABC News