Loopring plus zk rollups plus NFT feeless swaps plus gme = poomp eet

Loopring is about to drop a zk roll up powered NFT makertplace they’ve been working with GME doing something and there’s stuff on chain showing it.

ERC721 Tokens aka non fungible tokens AKA nfts soak the shit up out of eth transaction capability and make gas prices peak at $7000 making eth unusable. Yeah 7k to swap!

Well loopring an OG layer 2 is about to drop a 4000tps (transaction per second) NFT market place with 0 gas fees that is insane in and of itself

You see that in no.3 Openshaw that’s the biggest NFT swapper out there and the 3rd largest eth gas guzzler so NFTS are big business and looprings about to eat into thier lunch! Gas fees are VERY expensive on layer 1 like $30 a trade is cheap and when NFTs are mooning gas goes parabolic making trading difficult.

You add in the gme hype and oooohhh baby I think this could be a real runner

Theres already been some reaction to the news but the NFT platform can be big. It is crypto so you know anything can happen


I was literally just looking at this today! :joy:

Get out of my head bro…


I’m in for 1800. Might look at adding more if it seems to be getting more hype.

I got more! Woohoo! Let’s go!

well done all

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Well done on the forum. In for 2300 coins? At .56. Amazing to see it at $1.62 before the announcement. Seems like we should blow through the ATH after announcement. Is this a sell the news amd buy back in possibly. Seems like a great platform for several applications in the long run with low gas fees.

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No idea if you’re happy take profits

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IF this bull run continues for a few more days, we might actually see it try for 3.5, before it goes back down to 2.0 or even 1.75…

Don’t fomo! Wait for a dip or the full retracement–at least 50%.

And so I woke up to the exact picture that I was hoping for–a complete bull flag already trying to extend and possibly form a 2nd bull flag…

The reason I’m encouraging you to wait for a retracement (IF you’re looking to add more, is because I haven’t seen it come down enough yet or consolidate enough.
In crypto projects at the time of writing, a pullback of 35-50% is not uncommon and is in fact quite frequent.
Bullish months are especially tricky since, as in this case, a ticker will just keep plowing up with seemingly little to no resistance.
Such movements may be in danger of a rug-pull or sudden big sell offs–not leaving you enough time to exit with profit if any at all.

  • Long Bull Runs can be easy to read since they almost always form 3 bull flags at a time before consolidating, just check this LRC charts.
  • Learn how to use the Fib Extension and Fib Retracement tools, along with the Regression Trend channel to help you find and decide on the best possible entries and exit.

So we wake up to this beautiful, remarkable, and utterly stupid price movement…

  • This is the 3rd Leg of this bullish Time Zone.
  • We still have room until Nov 13, for it to attempt the high mark of $5 / LRC coin.
  • You should know that this is unsustainable, expect a retracement sooner than later.
  • I would not add anything at this point, if I were you.
  • Price + Volume trend remains high or course and in fact getting stronger.

IF you’re new and looking to enter a position here…damn boy! I don’t recommend that. Sit down madapakeens.
But if you’re still itchy, at the very least, kid, wait for this 3rd bull flag to break and consolidate.
You seriously don’t want to be caught buying the top, while the rest of us early buyers exit with glee hopping along on the way to the bank.

Buy LOW, Sell High. Or Sell Higher.

CoinMarketCap data

Adding this here because fomo suggestions are never welcome…

Know that Patience is always the best tool in trading.

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Got in towards the bottom and this runup has been fantastic. Your posts provide great insight Rexxxar appreciate it! Are you planning on holding for the long run or taking your gains soon and possibly reinvesting after the pullback? Trying to figure out at good time to take profit but i also do feel like this has good potential with the imminent GME announcement.

Thanks bud. I’m glad you find them useful.

Honestly, I won’t be missing my $183.00 anytime soon, especially now that it has ballooned to over $1200.00.
I might just decide to hold this for long until I want to use the money for vacation or big purchase.

This is definitely the Rumor run for that GME NFTs hype. Nonetheless, LRC has a good use-case and can probably fill a need gap in the current state of blockchains.
I see it halting from time to time, but if it delivers on its promises for the NFT market, it’s not impossible for it to become the first best utility coin in that space.

I reminded myself that I am in Valhalla now. Exited my LRC position in full.
183 now over 1k! Easy x5 gains.

Will either look for a Re-Entry into LRC again, but most probably put these gains back to another project.


Thanks for the reminder. I held a little longer than I should have, but still slightly more than doubled my money.

So I checked Social Temps and rumor mills on LRC…

It seems r/cryptocurrency is blocking the discussion and promotion of this project for reasons still unsure.
That may or may not have contributed to the halting of the bullish run.

Nonetheless, It is back at 3.4 now and may possibly go back up to try 3.9 again.
It’s important to watch IF it will break past that or knife back down–which will form the iconic Double Top Batman’s Head.
Again, I personally would sit this one out until that breakout confirmation over 3.9 OR preferably to see it retrace to 2.5.

At this point, I will no longer be alerting on this ticker, since I have already exited with profit.
Should any of you wish me to look at the chart, just tag me in the crypto discord channel.
(YEAH SCRATCH THAT! Check updated chart below.)

Thank you again, @Grindalythe for this DD on LRC.


OK. Fekkk this thing won’t die at all.

Use the 15 min candles, draw the trend lines to find the pennant/descending triangle, and time your entry. Have fun!

KuCoin has TradingView integration, so if you’re using that, then you can easily use the drawing tools…

Look, this is why I’d rather teach others to read charts and draw your own lines too, haha…

So I drew that trend line crossing to 3.1 and was looking to enter there.
I then told my friends and family that if they see 3.1 on Coinbase, it might be ok to get some.
My wife bought right away at that mark of L, I protested of course–but the Wife is Always Right. Sometimes.

Yo this knifed! Got stopped out.

Always use Stop Loss Limits if you have it.
Now if this consolidates down the 2-2.5 channel for a few days, I might enter again.
But yeah this time I’m really out.
Had to convince the wife to sell hers too. Didn’t want to let go, as expected.

We wake up to a crypto pullback day it seems.
LRC though, clearly has more room to move per Regression Trend tool…

Possibly up to 2.1 or even lower.
This happened to us with SHIB.
I still do think that we will see a 3rd leg on the 1 hour candles, and possibly a 2nd leg later on the 4 hour chart.
How soon, is the question that history can only show us.
For reference, SHIB took around 4 days to reach and bounce from its current floor price.
Let’s see if LRC will find that faster.

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Thought this was highly intriguing.

This is probably why it started moving again last night.


The buying volume and pressure was intense and didn’t slow down until 2:30 AM.
This also pushed the MACD over the upper bands and it’s staying there.
Monday will be interesting.

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From the looks of the chart a week ago, a similar trend happened last Sunday and Monday after consolidating all week.

Chart update:
Since bouncing from 2.16, LRC has not stopped moving on the Daily.
Dec. 6 is the beginning of the next Fib Time Zone so there’s still time for it to try and reach a new high.

15min seems to be sitting nice on this 3.0 to 3.2 support channel…

Ortex MACD signal from Nov 15…

*Ortex is ramping up their crypto database, more coins/tokens are expected to be added along.
*Si data is not yet available.