MANU - the next Elon shenanigans?

The con man of the century is at it again.


As always, seems like “someone knew.” MANU sees virtually no option activity, so it makes this option activity very suspect.

Corroboration from ShiftSearch:

MANU is just 2B, so totally possible for Elon to buy it with just some of the cash from TSLA sales.


Also, interestingly Elon tweeted this at 8.01pm … so prices would not spike AH?

Looks like those 9/16 14Cs are still quite cheap, enjoying 44% IV.

Some decent call spread possibilities, as well as just regular calls:

Of course, we have no way of knowing if Elon is buying MANU. He probably isn’t and this is all a joke to him. But… markets will react to this news, and IV should spike. So focus right now is just to capitalize on that if possible.


Update from Elon saying he isn’t actually buying it. Maybe that is why he specifically tweeted 1 min after post-market hours. But that 450K call print is still weird. Elon’s just a huge con artist.


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