Market Alert Requests

This thread is for requesting custom market alerts. Similar to what is triggered for economic data releases and the opening/closing of market.

In order to request an alert please provide the description, time in 24hour format and the applicable days of the week.


I would like to know when the hot now sign is on at Krispy Kreme everyday of the week


@thots_and_prayers – There has been a lot of interest in some of the times that you’re using to influence decisions. What exactly would those events be. They could be useful to work into the alert system.

The current alerts are as follows just so we all know.

Daily Market Alerts

These are things like market open/close and the close of extended options.

{"type": "static", "time": "04:00", "event": "Pre Market is now **OPEN**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "09:25", "event": "Market opens in **5 MINUTES**.", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "09:29", "event": "Market opens in **1 MINUTE**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "09:30", "event": "Market is now **OPEN**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "15:55", "event": "Market closes in **5 MINUTES**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "15:59", "event": "Market closes in **1 MINUTE**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "16:00", "event": "Market is now **CLOSED**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "16:10", "event": "Extended Options close in **5 MINUTES**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "16:14", "event": "Extended Options close in **1 MINUTE**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "16:15", "event": "Extended Options are now **CLOSED**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "19:55", "event": "After Hours closes in **5 MINUTES**", "sent": False},
{"type": "static", "time": "20:00", "event": "After Hours is now **CLOSED**", "sent": False}

Strategy Alerts

There is currently only one set of these, however I’d like to expand more on it if we find other opportunities. The general idea is to trigger “custom alerts” to walk the community through playing specific events in the market. For instance FOMC minutes or potentially if there is a catalyst that generally results in a specific movement we should utilize these alerts. Strategy alerts are triggered based on events. It’s currently capable of matching events in the economic calendar or days/times.

{"type": "strategy", "time": "09:15", "title": "FOMC Minutes Drop Strategy", "event": "**FOMC Minutes will be released today at 2PM EST.** You can read about the FOMC minutes strategy here: <>", "sent": false}
{"type": "strategy", "time": "13:45", "title": "FOMC Minutes Drop Strategy", "event": "**FOMC Minutes will be released in 15 minutes.** Now is the time that it is *usually* best to start taking your position. You can read about the FOMC minutes strategy here: <>", "sent": false}
{"type": "strategy", "time": "13:59", "title": "FOMC Minutes Drop Strategy", "event": "**FOMC Minutes will be released in 1 minute.** Once released there is *usually* a pop upward that lasts for roughly 2 minutes. You **must** cut if you are green because the price action often reverses strongly in the opposite direction.", "sent": false}
{"type": "strategy", "time": "14:02", "title": "FOMC Minutes Drop Strategy", "event": "**This is the average point where we've cut positions historically, if you're green consider exiting your position.**", "sent": false}
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While we wait for a more comprehensive list,please edit if there are mistakes, here are a couple:

  1. 11:30 am UK market close, so probably 1/2 hour before to alert the closing time. “event”: Price movements may be as a result of that. Wait for a few candles after close to make decisions
  2. 1:30 pm: Decay on 0DTE accelerates, “event”: wise to cut positions if already down as decay increases faster.

These alerts have been added.

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Wondering if the oil and gas rollovers that @TheMadBeaker has mentioned in VC and TF would be a good fit for this type of alert? They definitely trigger some price action when they happen.

Are these not included in the economic calendar? @TheMadBeaker

Correct, they appear in the calendar alerts. There’s too many and I’m unsure if they are on consistent days to give a warning at open.

If there is a site with a schedule of some sort, Mimir can grab the data pretty easily.

The data appears in TF when numbers are released. I don’t see any need to try and add additional alerts? Also Walter gives updates throughout the day on oil/gas if it’s moving a decent amount.

Lol I misread the first reply, yeah we’re all good then. There is function that can detect if certain events are happening on that day (currently used for detecting FOMC minutes) which can trigger custom alerts. Not sure if a premarket alert is needed for these specifically though since they’d already be in the calendar.