Market-related resources - YT, Twitter, Podcasts

Please use this thread to share the various audio/visual channels we tap into for information and entertainment related to the market. Making this post into a wiki so everyone (with sufficient permissions) can edit. Let’s make each post about one platform.


Youtube Channels



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Twitter Accounts

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Off of a recommendation from TheHouse - I checked out TheWallstreetMaverick and was pretty impressed by the range of topics covered. Hour long analysis of market trends / charting / commodities


A very basic one, but I follow Graham Stephan on YouTube. Kind of the tip of the iceberg, surface level stuff but still can be useful and a good starting point. Here is his main channel and his interviewing channel:


I like Maverick for the overall picture every night/morning, though while looking through some market psychology type stuff recently I stumbled on this TA channel that has some good day trading strategies, now if some of it would just stick :sweat_smile:

The Secret Mindset- The Secret Mindset - YouTube

As I mentioned, mostly pure TA which lately seemingly doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but it felt like good education nonetheless. The guy isn’t using his videos as an on-ramp into a paid callout community, so he already gets a few points over most other TA channels in my book. Great thread idea!

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The Options Industry Council (OIC) - YouTube (The Options Industry Council (OIC) channel)

This was the most comprehensive options education resource I found a couple of years ago. More dry than other resources at times, but very complete.

Thanks for the various YT recommendations folks, have consolidated them in the first post.

If you have any market-related audio/visual resources you listen to regularly, please do share and I’ll update the consolidated list!


Occassionally I’ll watch Everything Money. They are value investors who do videos on stock price analyses, daytrading, and macro commentary.

Basically they think every stock is overvalued at present time. Their stock price analyses are worth a watch at least once to see their method at valuations, but I find their macro commentary the most useful. Not nearly as in-depth as Maverick of Wall Street, but a more casual watch, imo.

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Adding another recommendation here for Max Maher: Max Maher - YouTube

He covers everything from stock market fundamentals, valuations, crypto, NFTs, JPow, etc.

I think he definitely has the best “beginner’s guide” to stock markets: Stock Market for Beginners (The ULTIMATE In-Depth Guide) - YouTube

Replaced Twitch with Twitter accounts. Please share your suggestions!

RealDayTrading, heard about this from Ni in another thread, really useful stuff for understanding relative strength/weakness plays.

Reddit Wiki:
YT: Real Day Trading - YouTube

Added EPB Research and did some more spring cleaning. If anyone has resources you reference often and find useful, please share!

Added Crowded Market Report:

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