Maybe a possible rumor channel

I know it sounds crazy but maybe a rumor channel (I know crazy) so if we run across something we hear or read we can get more a lil more information with community help, and possible plays before they get in mainstream media. On that same note not someone who just sees something and just ask about it. They need to do their research on their end then see if more information can be found by using our forums or discord. Or maybe a reminder place to help when people get busy or too wrapped up in a ticker and missing out on other plays that they have going on. Things like important dates for bigger plays that a decent part of the community are taking place in.

or you could just verify the information yourself and make a thread on it

I feel like this may be exploited easily if it’s pure rumour and not verifiable information.

Very true…I do that myself but other people might not know where to look for said info, just a early morning thought.

I’m meaning something they physically read on a page that could be followed up on…just my idea is all.