MENoir - Adding Up Little Gains

Starting a new journal based on an idea I’ve had for a while for my own personal trading, plus to log the results for public discord.

The idea is similar to Thot’s old 2% challenge, but I will in no way be full-porting into positions to catch price discrepancies and run away with a quick 2%. I tried that, and for me, I’m either not quick enough or I picked the wrong side one too many times for my own liking.

So instead I’ll just be focusing on 1-2 trades per day which add up to 1-2% port gains. The math is simple, and this can be done an infinite number of ways.

My beginning thesis is to trade 10-15% of my port and cash out 10%. This gets you 1-1.5%. Easier said than done, but with patience and smart trades, it’s quite doable. I’ve had some success with this on and off, and with some focus and resisting the temptation to hop back in after I’ve cleared this hurdle, I’m optimistic. Based on the day or options prices, you can scale either end of this up or down to achieve the desired result (20% port for 5% gain, 10% port for 20% gain, etc). This lets you work with the options prices you’re dealing with.

Most important part is securing gains and walking away when you’ve hit your daily goal. This is always hard for me, especially if I hit it first thing in the morning, so logging this here will help keep me accountable.

What I’d like to show is how taking those small wins consistently grows the port & makes you a better trader. I’ll report back if that works lol.

Starting tomorrow. Will keep dollar amounts out of the conversation and will be logging percentages. Hopefully the next 3 days we see 3-6% on the port. I’ll be logging wins and losses, and my thoughts are that playing a smaller percentage of my portfolio will also lead to smaller losses if we get stuck in a bad trade.


Day 1 down.

Got a good fill on CASY calls this morning but spreads were all over the place. 1.50 → 1.75 in a minute, but these ran to like 125% had I held a few mins.

Also grabbed DKS calls for a quick scalp after jjcox mentioned it. 1.38 → 1.45 in a min or so.

Both of these were too quick to use the callouts but I’ll make a better effort.

Up 2.07% on the day. Not trading again til tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Today was rough to trade. Started out down, traded back to breakeven and should have called it a day. Ended up trying calls again which bit me, but I cut early and spent the rest of the day looking for positions.

Tried calls one more time for another loss near EOD and quit there. Down 0.75% on the day.

Still up ~1.25% on the week so we’ll go again tomorrow. Should be easier after data drops.

Getting a chance to update. Played puts on the way down from 393, in and out super quick and called it a day. Up 1.03% on the day, which is the minumum I’m shooting for.

After yesterday, I’m ready for the weekend and for all this news to digest. Hopefully next week is slightly easier to play.

Up 2.7% over three trading days. Next week we’ll be looking to bump that up to 7.9% - 13.4% (with compound interest).

See ya next week!


Missed the morning excitement. Played JPM 133c off the bottom of a wedge I eyeballed & PACW april 8c here to wrap things up.

Up 2.6% on the day so I’m taking my toys and going home. Account up 5.4% in 4 trading days.

CPI might be interesting tomorrow so I’m excited to see how it plays out.

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Started the day off with a loss on Friday SPY calls (which would have been the only play I made today if I held because they ended up going hella green at one point). I cut these quick at -8% because I don’t want to be holding losing positions so long they turn into big losses. The loss was small enough that I was confident I could trade it back today, or tomorrow at the latest.

All the following trades were green. Played JPM call weeklies for a couple bucks, WAL calls for a nice win, and finished off with a quick play on PACW calls.

All in, we’re up 2.3% on the day & up 7.8% overall. Right at our bottom end goal for the week and it’s only Tuesday. So far small, consistent wins with good risk management are keeping us consistently green. Super happy with today, especially given I’m in class and can’t watch the market all day.

Played PACW april calls this morning for a few bucks (which then went way more green).

It was in a downtrend most the day but felt comfortable buying in again at the 10.30 level. Played calls again & sold on the little pump to like 10.75 for 10%. Account up 2.1% on the day so I’m out. Been pretty busy in class today so couldn’t watch much or pay attention to any potential positions aside from those.

Hope the market pumps & dumps before close & everyone gets green exits on all their open positions :pepepray:


Bought some PACW shares in PM because it was below $10. Thought it would see a pump & I’m busy today so I wanted something I wouldn’t have to watch like a hawk.

This was stupid because when I checked it later it had dumped to 8.50 & was hanging around 9.00. Didn’t average down but was willing to hold shares.

Scalped an OXY call quick off JB’s callout. Quick 10%.

Moved my limit sell on PACW down thanks to the OXY profits & got out @ $10.20.

Up 2.1% on the day so goal achieved. Thankfully, because I’m not gonna be “free” until like 2PM and I hate trying to force trades that late in the day.

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Forgot to update from Friday. After the first loss managed to scalp some back but was slightly down on the day. Bought a PACW 4/14 12.5c which I ended up holding over the weekend because we got busy & I missed market close.

Sold that this morning for green, played a few small quick scalps & am now holding a PACW 4/14 10c @ 2.2. Tried to sell for 2.50 but the order didn’t fill, but am comfortable holding overnight. Still on track gains-wise but this isn’t how I was expecting to trade. Once I get the PACW position closed I’ll be back to the original plan.

So not bad, just not exactly how I wanted to play this. All good though.

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Out of PACW at open for nice profit. According to the “schedule” on a daily compound interest calculator, we’ve averaged 1.6% per day and are up a total of 17.1%.

Given this, and how everythings been running out the gate, I’ll probably sit the rest of the day out. It wouldn’t technically be overtrading, but I’m well within my target range for today so I don’t feel like risking giving some of that back.


Super busy the past few days with a lot of hands-on shit in class which doesn’t give me much time for trading. Should ease up a lil next week.

Wednesday I was able to scalp small call positions for small profit during the run-up (if you’d call it that lol) and directly after the rate release. Two trades, both with VERY conservative profit limits. Was up 1% after that and called it because I never do well once the real volatility starts during events like that.

Yesterday I grabbed PACW calls around $9.00 and my limit hit during that afternoon pump. That was good for 1.5%.

Didn’t trade today and don’t plan on trying to squeeze it into the last 2 hours of the day. All in all, we’re up 20% on the account so far. It’s been slow and steady, but I’m on track with the plan and am content with the progress so far.

See y’all Monday.


End of the week. Rough week personally, which I’ll document here.

Monday was actually pretty good, with a decent put scalp on NVDA. After thay flipped TSLA calls for a small percentage and MSFT calls for an even smaller gain. If I’d stopped there it would’ve been great.

Near EOD I got into HRMY puts because I’d missed my morning entries but the prices were back down to where I wanted to buy originally. Instead of cutting for a small loss I held them into the next day thinking it would drop a few bucks and I’d sell for a small profit.

That never happened. And then I broke my own rules, got emotional, and started averaging down. This was all I did Tuesday.

Wednesday I scalped CALM calls for a decent win, and continued averaging down on HRMY.

Thursday I was able to exit HRMY during the downtrend for less of a loss than it was sitting at at open, but definitely a loss. EOD I bought NVDA april puts which I sold at open today for a little win. Didnt touch anything else today because I wanted to step back and take the weekend to get myself straight.

All in all I lost all the gains I made this week (correction: this MONTH), with NVDA this morning pushing me back up to breakeven.

Monday I’ll be utilizing the callout feature whenever I get the chance. If the position is still open whenever I have a minute to hop on TF, I’ll be putting it out there. I wouldn’t have played HRMY like that if it was public, and I know that. I also wholeheartedly agree with the conversation regarding this the other day, and the more people using callouts the better.

Last little thing, when feasible I’m going to test out stop limits to guarantee my desired profit, and let some positions run a little bit. I’ve noticed I’ve left a lot of cash on the table for some trades, and while green is green, I’d like to get more comfortable holding positions I’m confident in, with a safety net. We’ll see.

Enjoy the weekend and back at it again Monday.


Took 2 losses today. Thanks to cutting losses before they turn into big losses, only down 1.6% today.

NVDA puts did recover to hit my target sell, but before that they were looking bad & the market was looking good. Not too upset I cut.

Tried SPX late afternoon, missed my exit & cut for small losses. Not too bad.

Will make it up tomorrow :pepepray:

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Two quick SPX call scalps today. in & out of both in less than two minutes each.

One of them I eyeballed a trendine which indicated it might bounce off 4100, so I took a 4115c & sold it for 27%. Next one I jumped in with Hank & was out a minute later with 30%. I didn’t have a chance to check the market until after lunch so I’ll take it.

Made up yesterday’s losses, plus made what I’d have liked to gain yesterday & today. Done for the day.

Didn’t forget about this little project. Truth is after Tuesday, on Wednesday I made about $1/contract on some GOOGL calls & then didn’t trade again until yesterday.

Yesterday my trades were called out, SPX & SPY. SPY didn’t pump like I expected on the minutes drop, but I’d already made good money on SPX in the morning so I was fine with exiting at breakeven.

Today both my trades were done while driving to class so I couldn’t call them out. SPX puts in @ 2.90 out @ 3.50 & NVDA puts which I took .10/contract on & was happy with the day’s profits.

Gonna scale back a bit now, because in the last two days I made all the money I missed out on this past week & don’t wanna start getting greedy. Tomorrow will be small plays & done for the day.

Should go without saying, but I’m also done for today. I have buying power left but am not risking what’s been a good two days.

Quick thoughts on SPX – don’t wanna become dependent on it, but it’s working out for my profit targets, assuming I get the direction right. So far I’m being careful with entries & watching it like a hawk until I exit. Seen some plays run into huge green after selling, but am trying not to dwell on that because it leads to bad decisions on the next trade.

See y’all tomorrow.


Ending here today. Started the day off with BAC calls which I sold for breakeven (after commission), then hopped in COIN puts for next week. While watching those I also jumped in SPX calls, and closed the COIN position for a little profit while I waited for SPX to hit my limit sell.

Joined JB and CCIV in GOOGL FDs which didn’t pan out but it was a small loss. Took a SPX FD off the SPY 410.70 level which sold immediately for 23% so I’m calling it a day.

2 weeks in since my March detour & the account is up 2.27% today & over 20% overall.

Good couple days this week, see y’all Monday to do it again!

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Been done since 9:55AM but just now getting a chance to update.

Quick plays while driving to class. MARA puts scalped for a few bucks (thanks Dook), & JPM calls (thanks JB). In & out in a few minutes & secured 2.4% for the day.

Biggest challenge after that is not playing anymore, which I’ve been good with today. EOD for me sees more time to hang out in TF & get itchy, but I promise I don’t touch anything & risk a green day.

Have a great afternoon y’all.

Driving from 9 - 10, so couldn’t call either of these out unfortunately.

Before open I wanted LMT, but hesitated because I couldn’t bring myself to hit the mid before the options showed any volume. Should’ve just done it because I’d have made a quick & easy 100%. Oh well.

Grabbed BAC calls @ $30 which I expected a bounce from. Took a quick 15% there.

Followed jjcox on PLD & took another 15% fairly quick. This brought me up to +2.8% on the day so I’m done for the day. All before 10AM.

Fighting hard to not jump into SPX right now so I’m updating the journal now so you can all see me claim I’m not trading again lol.

Good luck today!

Another day with a succesful SPX scalp on my drive to class.

Saw SPY ranging tightly, grabbed 0DTE 4155c around 4135 (SPY 412.15-415.25 or so), in @ 2.3 out @ 2.6.

2.6% on the account so I’m likely done for the day.

Finally took an L scalping SPX & driving lol. Entered SPX 4105p thinking we’d reject at least once off 412/4135. Ended up consolidating there for a few minutes before breaking through. Sold for a 15% loss.

Entered SPX 4150c with TrueDisdain & cryptowhale. Had to average down once but sold for 14%. Bigger position than the original so this put me into profit.

Wanted just a little more cash for the day (shouldn’t have but did), so I entered SPX 4150c again after the big red candle around 11 to catch a little rebound. This sold a few seconds later for +11%. Too quick to callout unfortunately.

Up 3.2% on the day & done.

Things are looking choppy today so stay safe out there :pepepray:

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