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General Discussion area for Facebook and META, please use this for news, sentiment, and ideas on Technical Analysis.
Feel free to create a separate thread for specific META catalysts.

Meta Platforms, Inc

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Oculus Quest

Shares Float: 2.264B
No dividends at the time of writing.

Latest News:

@greydoge brought this to attention, thank you.


Monthly candles show us that it is now oversold…

It has been trailing down the Lower Kertnel Band (orange) for 9 months straight.
Monthly RSI is at 29.48, bulls, maybe wait for it to rise above 30-31 again.
BB%b indicator is also trailing the bottom, relatively safer entries for Long Calls and shareholders.
MACD histogram bars are showing lighter sell pressure (pale reds).

Daily candles point us to remaining gaps that were made years back…

Gaps go all the way back to 2013, so I wouldn’t rush piling big on puts towards those–Long Shorting will be safer.
You got, 113.
Then 72, 68, 61, 54, 43, 38, and 26.
No idea when those will hit, but enough bad news and ER misses will certainly help.

Please add your thought to this thread, specially when META related news drop along the way.


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I know all the cool kids are shutting on META right now and with good reason. Here is a fun article about some dismal numbers another Metaverse project that is tanking.

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META is a righteous cash incinerator at this point of time. Based on these numbers, not shocked it is down 20% AH.