Metaverse - Virtual Reality (In general)

I’m curious if there’s any actual plans to invest into the tech at all from people in the community. Currently we have an ETF recently made specifically for VR related tickers called Roundhill Ball Metaverse ( $META ) . Last month they added options, so I’m thinking about trying to grab myself the latest expiration possible and letting it sit while maybe looking closer to NVDA for next year.

Overall hopeful that this technology doesn’t end up being a gimmick, wondering if others feel the same and are already more well-knowledged on what’s upcoming or related tickers.

Obligatory Mark Zuckerberg post here:


My 0.02 as a layman.
This shit is going to pop off. VCR already popular af. Google meta both subsidizing cost of headset to get more people in vr. Several companies already working on nft avatar-type items (one of a kind jiggly bits). There are vr workspace apps that supposedly are used at some bug companies (Citation needed).
Facebook Amazon Google all already operate in a special place where they are part of the market but also they literally are the marketplace. Lots of economic moat means they have plenty of leeway to dump into vr cash hog.


LifeChurch in Oklahoma - big ol’ ‘megachurch with 30,000 people in attendance weekly and 300,000+ online weekly - just launched, to my knowledge, the first VR church service on Dec. 13th.

VR Church

Life Church in the Metaverse

I’m not qualified to speak to the tech side of things. But as someone with lots of experience in the non-profit world (just check my portfolio…hiyo!), this is pretty remarkable. Non-profits and churches are usually a decade or two behind the tech curve (or more!). But COVID has really accelerated non-profits - a market typically marked as late-adopters - into experimenting with and even embracing new tech that would have been tough to imagine Pre-pandemic. I think we’re just scratching the surface on the potential here.


Honestly the largest challenge at the moment with VR is the visual/balance impairment with more complicated apps. VR Chat / Streaming services / Etc. work perfectly and have been used well for a while. The next 6-18 months will be a good time to dd into the metaverse and find value. People will spend mega bucks on their characters before they do land is my hot take - I’ll be checking back in with this forum frequently with updates - thank you for starting it.

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Recent news came up with Proshares dipping their toes into their own Metaverse ETF very soon. Unsure if it’ll have options on release, but likely will prefer that over the current $META ETF once I have some numbers to look and play with.

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That picture is creepy as fuck…

The true face of corporate greed.

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I opened up a spec position in SMURF as a Metaverse play. It’s gotten tossed around a lot, especially lately.