Mimir: Dashboard

As Mimir gets closer to the vision it became apparent that while I’ve found some creative ways of making information palatable on Discord, it’s not the ideal way of managing more advanced features as they come out.

A few months back, I started work on a plugin for the forum to display this information and while integrations into the forum are definitely the goal in the long run, in the here and now I needed something a bit more rapid that can be built out without having to worry about the complexities of another development teams codebase. So, Mimir now has a standalone dashboard interface:

This is extremely work-in-progress at the moment as functions that were previously in Discord channels are migrated over. Currently the newly created momentum scanner and the market calendar are viewable in this dashboard. Next priority is a GUI for the positions system (a test version will be available in a day or so) that will feature charting from our newly acquired charting solution from TradingView http://mimir.ascendedtrading.com/chart/

The dashboard uses Discord authentication, so similar to the Forum, just sign in with your Discord account at http://ui.ascendedtrading.com/hello/. It’s got some issues, mainly that it’s not terribly mobile friendly at the moment, but it works. Feel free to brainstorm ideas for additional views, etc. Current plan is for all Slash Commands to have a GUI duplicate in the dashboard, especially considering it’ll work a lot better for things such as the Wheel tool and obviously the Momentum Scanner.

Speaking of which, the Momentum Scanner needs feedback but I’ll be creating another thread for that.

What about Slash Commands in Discord?

Slash Command development will continue, this will just allow me to focus on commands and trading-floor notifications rather than balancing an increasing number of channels with version image updaters, etc.

What about Forum integrations?

Forum integrations are somewhat back burner as I’d rather focus on how commands interact with the forum moreso than stitching in a new GUI for the extra stuff.


Leave it to me to launch something and immediately take it back down. However, the platform that the original version was done in was pretty limited in scope, for instance making it mobile friendly would’ve taken significant changes to the apps code.

So I instead opted to bang out a new app this weekend written in Vue.js which directly connects with Mimir as the original did. The new UI is mobile friendly and will allow for a greater scope of tools to be included.

Should be live within the next day or so once I get authentication re-integrated. :pepepray:


Lmao stupid emoji taking the screenshot out of the embed.


Progress update. Still trucking along on development of the dashboard.

The main positions view is more or less complete at this stage. The goal was to provide a view that allows for easier creation and maintenance of callouts as well as better metrics and visuals for following positions throughout the community as they evolve over time. All the views on the page are dynamic and automatically update as new data arrives.

Everything works as you’d assume, positions can be created, updated and exited via the “Your Positions” interface. And both the “Community Positions” and “Positions Feed” UIs allows for joining positions. As you can see below, joining a position pre-fills the ticker field and if you’re joining from an item with a defined direction (ex: the Feed), the direction field is pre-filled as well:

Integration of the TradingView charting library has been completed:

Just have some minor bugs to fix in the moment. Next step is to integrate our positions system markers as well as new markers on the timescale for earnings and events (similar to what you see on TOS) as well as our own overlays which will include the ability to overlay news headlines and tweets onto the bars.

Once the markers are integrated the chart can be used to watch entries in real time as well as provide a potentially more complete picture of a stock’s movement over traditional charting by providing warnings of coming data releases and as I’ll explain in a second, our own community generated events directly on the chart and candles of any stock you’re watching.

Where’s the watchlists dawg?

So all the basic stuff is in but when I went to integrate the current watchlist system I opted not to in favor of starting from scratch with a better version that more directly addresses the issues with the forum as a vehicle for digesting and researching information. That’s been our biggest issue for quite awhile is how to actually file away information and browse it in a way that is more fitting to our short attention spans and the dashboard I think will have the solution via an expanded toolset and it’s integration with the forum.


The idea is similar to the original goal of the watchlist command but slightly more detailed (and actually going to be finished). Catalysts will be the combination of the Positions system, Events system, Scanners and Forum.

A “Catalyst” will take the place of a forum thread as one will be automatically created and maintained by Mimir. There are two types, “Market” and “Individual”. Market catalysts will encompass anything that affects the broader market. Individual tickers can be attached to it to provide examples of what may specifically be impacted by a particular catalyst, but in terms of the system, market catalysts will be global as in their warnings and events will be attached to all tickers. Individual catalysts will only be attached to their specific tickers.

A Catalyst will work as a folder of sorts, anything in the system can be attached to a Catalyst for example in the UI, news will be searchable and if I see a news headline related to a certain catalyst, I can attach it from the UI which will update the thread with that information just as posting to a form thread would. Events can be attached as well, for instance if there is a specific date that I’m waiting for something to happen, I’l be able to create that event in the system and attach it to the specific catalyst.

All this comes together in the Catalyst view where individual items can be broken out, for instance I will be able to see all “attached” tweets if I want, or all events, or all comments, positions, etc. that are related to a particular catalyst.

While I know this sounds somewhat vague here’s a real-world example of this in play:

I see that company A has good earnings via a news headline or the earnings calendar and I’m going to play it at some point today. Let’s say it’s the earnings calendar. I click the item and select “Create Catalyst”, click “Bullish” and type in “This earnings beat was solid, thinking about taking calls”. Mimir then creates a catalyst entry (forum thread) with the pertinent information already attached (the earnings results). Now let’s say they have a press conference later that same day, so when I’m creating the entry I also quickly create an event for the press conference.

This is where the magic happens. Anyone that happens to browse to Company A’s chart will see the catalyst marker AND the event marker directly on the timescale and bars in combination with any positions that have been taken and even “Market” events that may be occurring around the same time. By clicking the markers, they’ll be able to quickly view the related information that was attached, including my initial comment and the earnings info that Mimir attached itself.

Additionally this will be the point where Mimir’s automated functions kick in and watch news and tweets for any sharp changes in sentiment. Any findings will also be attached to the catalyst automatically and again, appear on charts.

Wrapping up, the Catalysts will receive a view similar to the positions view above with each individual catalyst that is “active” which will be filterable and sortable. Mimir will automatically archive catalysts that have expired events and no positions or go stale but additionally the view will be aided by the various scanners that Mimir just recently got (i.e. momentum and % of volume watchers).

Sorry for the word diarrhea but I wanted to get the general roadmap down since I’m about to begin on the build-out of this part. I think, when finished, this will be the comprehensive tool that the community has needed to efficiently research and stay on top of trading opportunities.

More soon.

EDIT: Using this as a sort of notebook for the moment. The catalyst system should include a ‘fast facts’ function to summarize previous catalysts as a part of an evolving “state”.


I am looking forward to Individual catalysts feature with the hope it can provide a better structure for the biopharma plays.


In preparation for the Dashboard I’ve removed the positions integrations from the forum itself as they are no longer going to be developed and in a lot of circumstances the views were currently broken. Also the display on the main page couldn’t be hidden and was a bit distracting.

I also disabled the pop-up notifications from the Discord widget since I know that was another common complaint.

The various things that the positions integrations broke like being able to see individual likes on posts are now fixed. Getting back to hardcore dev work after a little hiatus so expect some more updates this week.