Mimir's Quality of Life Enhancements for Trading Floor

Over the next little while Mimir will be getting some little quality of life functions for trading-floor, this will house discussion of those.

First off, Mimir now automatically removes TikTok links and sends it to TF as a video instead. This is to curb account fishing considering most people are unaware that TikTok shows who views links to the people who share them. So if you post a TikTok link and it disappears, don’t worry, it’ll be back in a sec.

More soon.


Context Charts

The second of these features is context charts. Ticker mentions following the “cashtag” format will automatically trigger a chart embed for context if:

  1. An embed hasn’t been triggered in the last 10 seconds
  2. The individual ticker hasn’t been triggered in the last 5 minutes

So if you’re one of those motherfuckers that annoyingly just mentions a ticker on TF, put a $ in front of it so we know what you’re talking about you sacks of shit.