MSR MMM- Firefighter gear causing cancer?

Hey everyone, when I’m not attempting to trade my real job is a firefighter in a busy U.S. city. We’ve long been aware that our bunker gear we wear into fires (I will refer to it as bunker gear but it its also known as turnout gear) can be carcinogenic after being exposed to fire and all the nasty things that burn in a fire. It turns out it’s worse then we thought, and the actual material of the bunker gear itself is likely carcinogenic. If this is true, it’s also likely that the manufacturers knew of this defect as they have refused to release exactly what the protective shells are made out of.

I’m still in the beginning of my research, but a small segment on CNBC yesterday reminded me. I’m thinking that this story may gain more traction and possibly potential lawsuits. The two biggest manufacturers are 3m (MMM) and Mine Safety Appliances (MSA). I currently have the MSA gear under Globe. Any thoughts or additions are appreciated. Thanks


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