MULN thread (Reddit's latest p&d)

Thread for what looks like the latest p & d doing the rounds on Reddit.

Company looks sketchy and numbers in the comments look too good to be true.


Even the CEO is pumping this garbage with the short squeeze rhetoric: source
Not a great look for the company.


It just hit a dollar after releasing news of a one-of-a-kind EV batter with 300 miles per DC fast charge.


There’s gonna be a dump soon, IMO. They have a 30 million line of credit but with this momentum I’m guessing an offering in the next day or two. If this runs again tomorrow I’m grabbing puts.


MULN is back up to $2. Definitely watching for puts.


I’ve taken a decently sized position of March $1 puts, currently getting fills between .20 and .25.


Great call out on this one! Decent ongoing dump. Wishing I would’ve seen it sooner. Do we see room left to come down with it already dropping >20% today?

It’s still up >100% on the 5 day. Thoughts?


The dump came quicker and heavier than even I expected.

I’m not sure how far thing this can drop, but each time it has been pumped (legitimate or not) over the last few months, it has returned back to levels lower than before the pump. Watching closely for an exit…


If that doesn’t scream P/D nothing does


Pump n big ole dump

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PnD’s are the easiest to predict, my puts from this morning are up 90%.


Good play all, I scalped shares on way up but often forget to check options and play puts down. Well done.


Sold out of puts for +43%, scared the apes will come back for this one soon.


Alright I’m loading the boat on puts in the morning…

Been following this MULN play for some time now because it is such a blatant P&D, (and making fun of the pumpers on Reddit,) and one thing that feels different now it seems like there is critical mass to sustain a rally for a bit of time. For the last two weeks, they didn’t even manage to keep the price above $1 overnight. However, they did manage to do so this weekend, and it came back in the second half of the day to close at $1.80.

This is all to say that there are many more eyes on this now and MULN is one of the top tickers being pumped on Reddit at the moment. I still believe this is a company that doesn’t have much going for it, so will short if the opportunity presents itself.

But based on how previous pumps have gone by TD and his followers, such as PROG, I feel like: a) this pump will go on for a bit longer, and b) we may even get better entry points, say if MULN goes even higher.

The fact that IV is ~400% for 3/18 at the moment and > 200% for other dates is also giving me pause. When prices crash, so will IV, and unsure how much meat there might be left to benefit from.


Par for the course, massive dilution incoming:

IV now > 500%.

Somehow prices have held up surprisingly well, considering.


Impressive pump on MULN in the opex close. Many additional furus jumped into MULN when it closed over $1.5 a few days ago, including our favorite. Thu closed just below $2.50 but Fri closed above it. Mimir says float is still 17M shares and a cumulative ~6M calls ended ITM. If any appreciable portion of them are exercised, this will prop up prices well into next week.

At this point, MULN has probably moved into the group of tickers like PROG and BBIG that have a cult following and enjoy periodic pumps despite shaky fundamentals. The snap below shows a similar higher lows and higher highs with PROG.

Still think this will drop hard and fast when the dilution hits, and sentiment abates. No idea when that is though, so for now, will watch with :popcorn: from the sidelines.


After reading this piece from SeekingAlpha, I’m not sure this company makes it without massive raises in the near future…


I’m still bearish and had a short position since $2.5 (in the red now) but small position. I’m looking to avg up my short position if it goes higher. (I have a mental stop loss but as of now, I have a pretty high threshold due to my position size .)

Why i’m convinced the pump will end soon (May not be tomorrow, sooner the better).

  1. ER on 30th March. , no way MULN can post a profit or even good results.
  2. Last week play was partly also momo + options , the next play will be mid april …
  3. I think there are still a lot of diluting muln can do (or may already in the process)
  4. True Demon + Some pumpers from twitter seems to have tone down a little on MULN.

I’ll say this is just a game and who will be left holding the bag once momo play is dead.


No sweat on muln short.
I’m still underwater but this shit going sub 2 in no time. Easy swing short.

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