MX- Undervalued Semiconductor Beauty

Hello everyone,
This is my first DD so bear with me. I have been running various analyses of companies in various industries & sectors. I came across Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation.
Starting off with some nice fundamentals.

As can be seen in the screenshot above, their revenues are similar to four companies above them.

This screenshot demonstrates why this company is undervalued in the long-run. The P/E of MX shows it. It is 2,3,5,10 times smaller than that of companies above it. That would prove company to be exciting play in the longer term.

For short-term traders, IV has risen this week, and OI for 17Dec 20c is currently sitting at 9,384, which implies uptrend price change.
Let’s get to our favourite, technicals !

Five day chart is looking fine for me, it looks more bullish than it does bearish.

Monthly chart absolutely suggests upward trend for me and I am very bullish on this company, both short and long-term.

Six month chart looks even more appealing in the bullish sense.
Again, these are just thought that I will follow on Monday. I will buy some weeklies, as well as monthlies because of all of the above.
Cheers !