MYMD - Insider Stock Grants Q4 2021 Play

Description of why you are requesting DD:
MyMD and Akers merged in April of this year and there isn’t much history on them. However, this is definitely the first Performance Grant I have seen any of the executives get and it is a pretty bullish one.

The Grant:

  • 33% vests if the market cap reaches $500M after December 15th
  • 33% vests if the market cap reaches $750M after December 15th
  • 33% vests if the market cap reaches $1B after December 15th
  • Or 100% vests if it is acquired for at least $500M after December 15th

Current Market cap is just under $300M, so these grants require a 67% increase to start vesting and a 233% increase to fully vest. I also noticed that Josh Silverman, a board member on Akers and then on MyMD was granted stock in September of 2020 that either vested in two years or immediately if the company was acquired. Two months later, they announced the merger with MyMD.

Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis:
SEC Form 4: Ownership Information: MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A bit of history and upcoming p2 catalysts:

Let me know what people think.

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Yahoo article on a presentation conference by the chief science officer.

They are working on two drugs:
MYMD-1’s primary purpose is to slow the aging process and extend healthy lifespan, and it is also showing promise as a potential treatment for post- COVID-19 complications and as an anti-fibrotic and anti-prolific therapeutic. MYMD-1 has shown effectiveness in regulating the immune system by performing as a selective inhibitor of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), a driver of chronic inflammation. Unlike other therapies, MYMD-1 has been shown to selectively block TNF-α when it becomes overactivated in autoimmune diseases and cytokine storms, but not block it from doing its normal job of being a first responder to any routine type of moderate infection.
They are expecting to launch 2 phase 2 trials for 4q2021. (Coincidence that they do insider stock grants with vests for q42021 with 266% increase in stock price? I think not. Very bullish)

Supera-CBD is MyMD’s pre-clinical patented synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) derivative that is being developed as a pharmaceutical drug to address anxiety, pain, and neurodegeneration. Supera-CBD targets the cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2), a protein mainly expressed in the immune system and which is associated with the therapeutic effects of CBD, including its anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

If anyone have any other input feel free to add. Thanks!


Since this, the stock has been up $1 or 28%. Im not sure what the catalyst is. If anyone has any ideas, please assist! Im positive since there merger, these executives are not going to pass on their share comp vestings.

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