NES - "Short squeeze" making the rounds

This DD is a wiki, feel free to edit it and make a more fleshed out DD if you believe in this play.

This thread was created from the following tweet. This is a ticker that has been making the rounds as a potential short squeeze.


The answer here is “yes and no”. The traditional SI % of float is listed as 168% per s3:


However, the s3 SI % of float, which is the calculation that has been adopted by most all “SI providers” is sitting at 62%:


I’m a bit rusty on it, but I believe the difference is excluding shares that are likely loaned for other purposes, as such, the real SI can reasonably be assumed to be closer to the 62% than the 168%. In either case, the SI is still substantial. However, there comes the issues of ITM/OTM:


Shorts are currently ITM, which means that while the SI on this particular play is high, the chances of “squeezing them” is not. However, should the price action push the stock up high enough to puts shorts around 40-50% down (around $4-$5 range), it is definitely a viable squeeze.