Netflix - Long Road Back to 50

This current channel of 234 to 423 will remain a tough wall against NFLX stock…

Netflix is now offering its lowest tier of subscription with ADs…

With the next Basic tier only giving you 720p resolution.
I’m sure they will play with these prices and adjust along the way.

Nonetheless, the picture is bleak for this overvalued streaming giant.
Competition will only get stronger, taking away more subscribers.
Shows must get better in order to keep what number remains.

I can only see more headwinds down the road, and so I’ll mostly take long dated puts against this stock.
Won’t be surprised when they announce layoffs and budget cuts.

Current position:
1 Bear Put Spread, Jan20, 205p/210p

*I forgot who brought attention to this new pricing model last week–must have been PH–butt thank you.



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