New Discord thread- Streamlined

I know…I know. We don’t want threads as by history has told us they become their own little communities and WSB chambers.

Though I am proposing a streamlined trading room, similar to the “slowed chat” restricted people to spam the trading floor. We can have a further slowed chat…limiting people to text into the thread 1-3 times a day about their watchlist or short blurbs about a ticker- “hey im watching xyz stock to break resistance at 10 for entry or “hey IRNT, huge volume rn-check it out” etc

I think like many sadly I don’t have the luxury to haunt the trading room at all hours with my job rn to catch some of these opportunities. The trading floor seems to be loosing value and only can be beneficial for those watching it 9-5 during the market. Theres a lot of chatter and batter thats sort of irrelevant, useless information (no offense) thats makes it extremely hard if you took a break from the market during market hours for just an hour to come back and feel like its too much of a task to try read everything you missed- leading to you missing a particular play thats been drowned out.

I think the forum is great for long DDs and after market analysis posts but in the moment, big changes in the market, a discord thread is the move and platform to access this information and easy accessible to quickly alert everyone about a particular play to look into.
Regardless, I think this could be a great experiment with this streamlined thread to see how it can help people.
Thanks for reading!

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I believe we already do this with our alerts system.

Anything important heard from the trading floor is usually posted inside one of those channels. The trading floor channel is really our general chat.

It would incorporate other people who aren’t heros or demigods etc to speak and put out some good watchlists free to anyones own quick DD. Though I cant say that the alert system is that active for posting stuff…not acting like I want to spoon feed and expect the heros and demi-gods to talk more in those, just incorporating other voices for a chance once a day to give a watch list.

I understand what you are asking but If someone want to post a ticker they think is going to go up they should use the forums. That is what they are here for. If you are worried about missing a scalping play from what I have seen if you don’t hear or see it in trading floor at the time it is mentioned you are usually too late and should not be playing that position. I’ll tag @Conqueror so he can have the final say.

Tracking trading floor is sometimes hard even when online (english being my 3rd language doesn’t help and is my problem). But highlighted messages would help. Something like the banner of jb‘s alerts or something to highlight a message when a discussed ticker does something interesting/important?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy being here even if I miss opportunities, Im learning a lot and realizing nice little gains with my cash account.

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