New plugins added

Spent some time this weekend migrating the forum installation from the hosted solution to our new self-hosted location. The reason for this was more freedom in adding plugins to the forum (and the ability to create our own).

So, there are some new features that I wanted to touch on quickly.

  • Follow - You can now “follow” users on the forum and receive notifications when they post new topics or comments.

  • Voting - You can now “vote” for topics. This is currently somewhat unconfigured, but we’re probably going to try sorting categories by votes for a bit to see how it works out.

  • Surveys - Have no clue how this works, or where it’s located…. but it’s added and enabled.

  • Solved - Topics posted in AMA can be marked as “Solved” when their question has been answered.

If you have any suggestions for the forum, whether it be category additions/changes or plugins that you find for this software (Discourse) that you feel would be useful, feel free to post them here.


Thank you!! Amazing work!!


Nice conq! Looking great.